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Human activity see's more and more people taking up hobbies and sports in increasing number. In fact the growth and popularity of sport diving in particular sees a lions share of this. As the numbers of divers increases the probability of a diver running into a 'survival situation' or emergency increases.A cascade effect for example of equipment failure and bad weather can then mulitiply the danger factor, with lethal conseqences. Each year scuba divers are killed by natures elements be it water, pressure factor differential (DCI) or cold. Survival Lore can't make miracles or change the laws of physics but at least you may well have a better grasp of a situation and have more mental awareness to be able to deal with a situation as it arises.

Even when lives are not lost in accidents at sea and dive sites, the injuries can often be permanent and life long. Hence it is always better to err on the side of prevention of difficulties ever arising, than dealing with them underwater.


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