Best Scuba Masks With a Purge Valve Review

Last Updated: March 28, 2023

Scuba diving is something that most of us have on our bucket list. There are a few essential pieces of equipment we require while diving into the deep sea.

Diving masks are one of them. Once you are inside the depths of the sea, water will naturally enter your mask. Expelling the water becomes cumbersome and challenging for a new diver.

The purge valves have been in use for ages. Many snorkelers and divers debate about the use of a purge valve in their diving masks. One party supports the use of these valves, while the other feels it is just a useless and dangerous addition to the scuba mask.

best scuba mask with purge valve

While using the purge valve, one does not have to frequently worry about fixing the mask and then draining the water out. You do not have to manually flush out the water if a purge valve is attached to it.

Moreover, if you wear contact lenses, then this a godsend for you. It is an ordinary sight to see water entering the mask and causing irritation if you use contacts. This is also a considerable risk since your vision can become blurry.

With so many advantages to these masks, the only question that remains is choosing good quality product. You do not want a bad one when you are in the depths of the sea. To avoid any malfunction of the purge valves, always identify which is the best quality product.

Read on below to see my top picks for the scuba mask with purge valve.

Best Dive Mask With Purge Valve – Top 5 Reviewed

1. SeaDive Eagleye RayBlocker HD Mask with Purge

SeaDive Eagleye RayBlocker HD Mask with PurgeThis is an advanced mask that protects diver’s eyes from the UV rays of the sun. The HD feature of the lens filters the light which enters the mask and blocks the dangerous UV rays from harming your eyes.

The SeaDive Eagleeye RayBlocker HD provides a broad view despite the water conditions or the visibility. This mask acts as an anti-glare lens while you dive and gives a clearer vision in the scorching sun. It is highly flexible and can fit any face.

Designed in a way that caters to comfort and durability, go for this HD mask with purge valve to make your diving experience top-notch, especially if you are a beginner,


  • Glare-free vision
  • Fog resistant at any given temperatures
  • Nose purge water draining
  • Tempered glass with added UV ray protection
  • Black silicone double feathered skirt
  • The strap adjusts easily with the buckle on the frame for stability
  • Clear, unobstructed wide view
  • UV blocking lens
  • Not safe from scratches on the lens
  • Not suitable for people who use prescription lenses


2. XS Scuba Fusion Purge Scuba Diving Mask

XS Scuba Fusion Purge Scuba Diving MaskThis one has an ultimate visibility option as compared to the others. It has a high-quality purge valve that is adjustable and blocks any leakage of water inside the mask. Great and clear panoramic view is guaranteed without any obstacles.

The XS Scuba Fusion lens also has an anti-fog coating that can restrict fog from entering the lens. The three-pane design can easily fit any face size ranging from medium to large. It comes in an array of colors, and you can easily mix and match them with the rest of your outfit.

The skirt keeps out the exhaled bubbles from your view. It is known for its flexibility and also its nose pocket. The oversized buckles are easy to adjust, and the wide-split strap holds the mask firmly in its place.


  • Made of durable polycarbonate frame
  • Soft silicone skirt with a watertight seal
  • Available in varied shades of color
  • Wide panoramic view
  • Anti-fogging coating
  • Quality purge valve system
  • Not ideal for all water conditions
  • The strap system lacks durability
  • The size may not be comfortable for people with a small face and prominent nose


3. Genesis Panview Purge Mask

Genesis Panview Purge Mask, Black SiliconeThis mask provides for a panoramic view, with its dual front and two windowed side design, the Genesis Panview is an excellent catch for capturing the entire vision of the aquatic life. It has a crystal silicone double feathered skirt which gives a perfect fit for your face.

The volume is moderate and helps in giving you a brilliant lateral view. Constructed with a tempered glass lens and a wide split style strap, this mask would be an excellent fit for any face type. Even the pocket for the nose is oversized, and hence there is no question of the mask falling off from your face.

Genesis Panview is ideal for diving as well as snorkeling and comes with a plastic box for storage.


  • Panoramic unobstructed vision
  • Tempered glass lens
  • Crystal silicone double feather-edged skirt
  • Split adjustable strap with ratcheting buckles
  • Side windows for the peripheral and lateral vision
  • Compatible for prescription lens
  • Provides for good peripheral and wide-angle view
  • Comfortable nose purge for draining the water
  • Lacks in HD clear vision quality


4. Aqua Lung Pacifica Single Lens Dive Mask

Aqua Lung Pacifica Single Lens Dive MaskAqua Lung Pacifica has a unique design that sets it apart from the other masks. It is built with a fantastic fit and seals your face from all directions. This purge valve mask is designed to fit large faces and comfort is guaranteed for long dives into the sea.

Its multi-lens design and tempered glass construction offer protection to your eyes and a high-quality view. The tempered glass feature makes it highly unlikely for the lens to break during any underwater mishap. With its perfectly curated structure and the most expansive frame available on the market you can enjoy the breathless beauty of the sea all around you.

Aqua Lung Pacifica makes diving easier for the ones who are new to this activity. Beginners can flush out the excess water via the purge valve, without having to do it manually. This feature reassures the beginners for a seamless diving experience without any panic.


  • One lens frame for brilliant wide-angle
  • High quality tempered glass lens
  • Soft, comfortable black silicone single-feathered skirt
  • One-Way purge valve for Hands-Free mask clearing
  • Enough room to fit perfectly on broad faces or with facial hair
  • ​Easy reach nose pocket for ear equalization
  • Adjustable straps with metal buckles
  • Quite expensive
  • Sizing issues
  • Lacks in variation, available only in one color


5. Scubapro Crystal VU Plus Mask with Purge

SCUBAPRO Crystal Vu Plus Dive Mask w/o Purge (Purple)This mask caters to a high level of durability and unhindered sea view. The single lens viewing system makes it a seamless experience for divers.

It offers a crystal clear view of the sea with no tinted glass adding value to it. The raised nose pocket reduces the pressure on the nose, and the double feathered silicone skirt offers a highly comfy waterproof seal. It gives you a hands-free experience since the purge valve quickly eliminates any fog or water that enters the mask.

Scubapro Crystal VU Plus has a crystal-clear double-sealed silicone skirt with a low volume design. The snug-fit frame design makes it easier for the face, and offers great comfort while worn for an extended period.


  • Patented single-lens design with side windows for panoramic view
  • Crystal clear no-tint glass for clearer vision
  • Double-sealing skirt
  • Raised nose pocket
  • High clarity vision
  • Transparent double-feathered silicone skirt is lightweight and comfortable
  • The nose pocket allows easy equalizing
  • Not budget-friendly
  • Not compatible with prescription lenses


Things to Look For in a Scuba Diving Mask With Purge Valve


One should always consider the fit of the mask before investing in one of them. All your scuba gear, not only your mask, should fit well for it to function correctly in the water. Purchasing an ill-fit mask with a purge valve can turn against you with the water leaking and flooding inside your mask, which could be dangerous.

Keep a check on how comfortable the rubber skirt is and how the strap fits around your face. Also, the lens or the window should not create a lot of pressure around your nose. This may end up giving you headaches and discomfort during your journey.

A well-fitted mask is better than an expensive one that is wrong size any day. Keep this in mind to make your diving experience smooth.


Diving masks usually come with a single and double window design. A singles window design would offer a broader field view and is also highly convenient. However, the single-window design does not support prescription lenses or glasses. The double window is spacious and will help in accommodating your glasses.

Skirt Color

Dive masks come in two primary colors – clear and black. The color has less to do with the aesthetics and has more to do with the visibility underwater. A clear skirt allows more light to enter and offers you an open view of the sea. This feature may help if you are claustrophobic.

However, the clear skirt may lead to excess light entering the mask, leading to blurry vision and distractions. A black skirt allows less light to enter but is considered to give a distinct and clear vision.


When you want the best mask for scuba diving, you will have to pay attention to mask straps. It is always recommended to buy an adjustable one that has a snug fit around your face.

If you are wearing a diving hood, wide straps would be ideal for your face. Split straps offer a tighter fit though, with limited space. Always buy a strap that would go along with all your preferences and the nature of your underwater adventure.


Scuba diving can be a daunting experience, and one should be well prepared to face the underwater.

If you are new to diving or snorkeling, the purge valve will make your experience easier. Since you will already be anxious about diving deep in the sea and being surrounded by aquatic animals, this will solve one of your worries.

If you want a dive mask with purge functionality, I recommend the SeaDive Eagleye RayBlocker HD mask, which is a great catch. This UV ray-protected mask will help you navigate easily through the sea and enjoy the breathtaking view around you.