Best Dive Fins for Travel Review

Last Updated: March 28, 2023

If you thought that the wonders of the natural world only exist on land, then you are greatly mistaken.

The oceans are teeming with life, and the underwater world is a universe in itself. Large parts of it remain undiscovered to date, but with more people learning scuba diving, humankind is delving deeper into its depths than ever before.

Do you want to explore this breathtaking landscape for yourself? Well then, you will need proper equipment, foremost among which is a premium-quality pair of fins.

travel fins for scuba diving

Traveling is a big part of scuba diver’s lives and when planning a diving trip, fins often take a lot of room in your luggage. Have you ever been fed up with your bulging bag? I know I have.

That is why I researched and shortlisted the best 6 scuba fins that are great for travel, so now you can save space for other essential gear.

Best Travel Scuba Fins – Top 6 Picks

1. Tusa Hyflex Switch

To pick the ideal scuba fins, you need to opt for a product that makes movement easy to help you explore the underwater world. Luckily, this pair comes with a polyurethane blade system and a vortex generator, guaranteeing swift movement, allowing you to utilize every second of the dive.

What I like about it

Since I have already mentioned the polyurethane blade system, let’s look at it in greater detail. The manufacturers have designed the fins, keeping in mind the need for divers to change their speed and direction swiftly. As a result, these fins aid fast movement, helping you adapt to the waters.

Also, compared to ordinary blades, the vortex generator reduces water resistance with every stroke, ensuring that you don’t spend much energy. This should make diving comfortable and safe so that you never feel out of breath.

You will find that it comes with a comfortable foot pocket that increases power transfer to the blade. Naturally, you get to go further and dive longer with every stroke, making it a fantastic option.

In other words, the angled fin shape and standard bungee strap will help you cut through the water with ease.

And the best part, you can separate the foot pocket from the blade to fit it in a regular carry-on bag without trouble.

What could be better?

There is some disparity regarding the size, and it would be best to double-check. For instance, certain reviews claim that the fins are a bit wide, and you may have trouble adjusting to the extra width. It may also lead to slight muscle pains, so you should try walking with the fins to get the hang of it first.

  • Angular design
  • Comfortable foot pockets
  • Fin blade can be deattached from foot pocket
  • Compact, lightweight & travel-friendly
  • Swift movement
  • A bit wide


2. Scubapro GO Travel Fins

Scubapro Go travel fins are extremely nimble and lightweight but highly durable. Naturally, due to their unique shape and design, you are guaranteed much-needed comfort and won’t face issues like muscle aches.

What I like about it

The incredible thing about these fins is that it delivers supreme comfort while completely covering the feet, thanks to its Monprene construction. This makes it flexible without compromising on strength, so that it can withstand heavy-duty and long-term use.

What’s more, unlike the other options, it features an open-heel design, suitable for both snorkelers and globe-trekking divers. Naturally, these fins can be the perfect companion for travel and recreational activities while preventing issues like torn foot pockets, delamination, and broken blades.

But what’s more impressive is its easy portability that makes air travel easy. You will find that the flippers have a Piggy-Back Stack system, whereby the blades interlock with each other to reduce room. As a result, they don’t take up much space, allowing you to carry the fins wherever you go.

What could be better?

In terms of improvements, you must remember that these fins are narrower than their regular counterparts, and it may take time to adjust to the shape. I feel that you can use them for snorkeling and less intense dives before heading out into deeper waters. Also, due to the narrow shape, users with bigger feet may cramp after longer dives.

  • Increases agility
  • Open-heel design
  • Monprene material
  • Easy to pack and store
  • Durable
  • Slightly narrow
  • May lead to cramping


3. Mares Volo Race

If you are looking for a composite unit that conveniently covers your feet, this one might be worth the investment. The Mares travel fins don’t have an exact angular shape but is certainly ergonomic in its design.

What I like about it

Honestly, there are more attractive models available on the market, but these pair of flippers stand out in terms of performance. The composite shape covers the entirety of the foot so that you can use all the muscles for diving longer and exploring the unknown.

Thanks to its anatomical foot pocket, you can smoothly transfer power from the muscles to the fins without any hassle. In other words, it delivers the best results with minimal exertion so that you can scuba dive as many times as you want.

You get tremendous output from just flicking your feet and subsequently the flippers. Plus, the OPB technology will allow you to manage the thrust angle and optimize performance even while swimming in difficult conditions.

Other than that, the rubber stabilizers and channel thrust technology suitably manage the water flow for maximum speed.

Also, these fins are great to use for travel since they are so much lighter than most and highly flexible, so its easy to pack in your bag.

What could be better?

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind, including size and flexibility. Like the Tusa fins, you will find that it’s difficult to determine the correct size, and you might actually need a substantially smaller flippers than what you usually wear.

The flexibility could be an issue if you like your flippers to be slightly sturdy, but it’s not a disadvantage per se.

  • Reduces resistance for optimum performance
  • Rubber stabilizers ensure maximum speed
  • Anatomical foot pocket
  • Minimum exertion
  • Light and flexible
  • Size variations


4. Aqua Lung Storm Fins

One of the most unique and visually appealing pair is the Aqua Lung travel fins. It is available in a variety of colors and sizes while featuring an innovative design to reduce water resistance. Understandably, you can swim for extended periods without feeling exhausted.

What I like about it

When it comes to choices, this one won’t disappoint because it is available in multiple colors and sizes, suitable for most divers. If you wish to mimic the numerous hues of the deep sea, go for a bright yellow, blue, or green shade; otherwise, keep things simple, with white or black.

Coming to its features, you will find that it has an open-heel shape, delivering the comfort of bare feet while ensuring safety. That’s not all; the Monprene body protects against damage and prevents the fins from tearing even after heavy use, while at the same time maintaining ultra light weight, just what the traveling diver needs.

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The manufacturers have used silicone for the bungee straps, making it easy to wear and take off the flippers when needed. Not to mention, the straps have a heel pad which complements the ergonomic foot pocket for easy movement and less fatigue.

What could be better?

It would be best not to wear them with scuba boots as they may cause cramps and make you feel uncomfortable. If that’s the case, you might have to choose a product that’s designed for wearing with footwear. Other than that, the strap of this pair is a bit tight and may hurt the ankles.

  • Monprene material for durability
  • Silicone straps make it easy to wear
  • Ergonomic foot pocket
  • Open-heel design for comfort
  • Tight strap
  • Can’t wear with boots


5. Cobalt Travel Ready Compact Fins

Divers looking for a compact set of fins that are suitable for travel can give this one a try. The Cobalt fins are adjustable and 100% ocean-friendly in terms of design and their underwater performance. Now, let’s dive in a little deeper.

What I like about it

It is available in different shades, but the best part is the adjustable design. Even though it’s open-heel, you can alter the tightness of the buckles for optimum comfort. Additionally, removing the fins underwater or outside becomes hassle-free.

While using the flippers, you can generate more forward thrust due to the excellent pocket holes. This will reduce fatigue and ensure that you have sufficient energy to go on deeper dives without experiencing leg stress. That’s why many prefer to use them for snorkeling, given their ergonomic construction.

You will also notice that the blade length is slightly small, making the fins suitable for traveling. You will be able to pack them in the bag easily, while still having sufficient room for other diving gear.

What could be better?

I found that they don’t stay flush against the feet and may flop around a bit which is slightly inconvenient. Since they are available in only two sizes, you don’t have many options to try different pairs. Meaning, unless you have smaller and narrower feet, using these flippers may prove troublesome.

  • Easy to wear
  • Substantial forward thrust
  • Portable design for convenient travel
  • Adjustable buckles
  • Small
  • Not many sizes


6. Hollis F-2 Fin

What would you say if I told you that a scuba fin could be as comfortable as a slipper? Thanks to the ingenious design of this product, the manufacturers have made that a reality. You will find that the Hollis fins deliver freedom of movement to make diving much more comfortable.

What I like about it

I love the power to weight ratio of these dive fins that can cut through the water with ease, while reducing strain on the muscles. This is because the blade surface delivers smooth movement on both the up-stroke and down-stroke, increasing efficiency with each kick.

It features an injected and molded Monprene construction complete with a short blade design for greater agility in tight spaces. Meaning, you can swiftly change directions and come up for air while snorkeling without any difficulty.

Another interesting attribute is its vented blade design that allows the water to glide over the fins without restricting movement. In fact, owing to the foot pocket, you can use the flippers with any convenient footwear for the best results.

Their size makes them great for the traveling diver. What’s more, it comes with a multiple strap mounting position to deliver a snug fit and maximum grip out of water.

What could be better?

Your swimming technique will determine whether you can use these fins as per your requirements. For instance, divers with a flutter kick technique will struggle to get secure grips with the design. And the major concern is the large foot pocket which is bigger than most products on the market.

  • Multiple strap mounting position
  • Monprene material
  • Vented blade
  • Smooth movement
  • Excellent power to weight ratio
  • Large foot pocket

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between Regular and Travel Scuba Fins?

Regular fins are more powerful and, therefore, have tougher and longer blades compared to travel flippers. That said, certain travel fins can deliver similar results while also being lightweight and flexible – any of the options above would do a good job.

When Do You Really Need Travel Scuba Fins?

Travel scuba fins come in handy when traveling by air, and you need room for the rest of your gear. Also, they are most suitable if you prefer lighter fins that are comparatively less rigid to help conserve energy while scuba diving.


That’s all there is to know about dive fins for travel; hopefully, now you are confident about choosing a suitable pair of fins to pack for your next diving trip.

Before signing off, I decided to shortlist my favorite options so that you can make an informed purchase. For instance, divers who like their fins to be flexible and lightweight will love the design and packing ability of the Tusa Hyflex Switch fins.

On the other hand, the Mares Volo Race is extremely compact and offers efficient energy transfer to reduce fatigue. On that note, it’s time to say goodbye; if you have anything that you would like to share, let me know via the contact page.

Have fun diving!