Best Scuba Masks For Large Faces – Reviews and Buying Guide

Last Updated: March 28, 2023

Scuba diving could be problematic for people with big faces. Just for the fact that finding a good scuba mask that fits a large face is particularly tricky. A slight problem and you may have to skip the plans at the last moment.

A scuba mask with a proper fit is the most necessary equipment for a great experience underwater. If the size is not right, your nose gets crushed in it, or your forehead starts aching from the squeeze. It would be best to prepare yourself beforehand with a good dive mask suitable for your face size.

best scuba diving mask for large faces

Some manufacturers make them more comfortable and fit for people with wide faces. I have prepared a guide for you with the best dive masks for large faces. You will unquestionably find your right match here.

Best Scuba Diving Mask For Large Face – Top 5 Picks

1. TUSA M-1001 Freedom HD Scuba Diving Mask

TUSA M-1001 Freedom HD Scuba Diving Mask, Cobalt BlueIt is my most recommended scuba mask out there. It is the latest model produced by the company under their exclusive Freedom Technology. It incorporates features for comfort, stability, and fit beyond imagination.

It has a 180 degrees rotatable buckle system that fits the variable size of faces. The buckle also has quick adjustment technology exclusively made by the company. It makes using the mask easier and more comfortable, especially for people with large faces.

It used the patented 3-D strap of TUSA, which provides a comfortable fit against the head. It avoids the usual tugging of the forehead and at the back of the head all the time when worn. It is made up of lightweight material that further adds to comfort.

Among the best features is the panoramic view of the lenses. It is available in a variety of colors, so you can choose any.

It is best known for its comfort and fit against the head. With adjustable size and buckle, the mask fits perfectly across the head. It is suitable for long underwater hours as it shows minimal crease marks after removal, given to its soft, round-edged skirt.

  • Very comfortable fit
  • Fewer crease lines
  • Adjustable size through the buckle
  • Many color options
  • Some fogging noticed
  • Mono-lens


2. Cressi F1 Scuba Diving Snorkelling Frameless Mask

Cressi F1, blackCressi, since 1946, has been providing good quality water gear continuously. The most recent is their frameless technology which has made its place in the market. Cressi F1 is one of the best models under this technology, definitely worth buying.

Cressi F1 uses frameless technology, loved by all divers. Being frameless, it takes less drag underwater. It is also low profile, making its use even more comfortable under the water.

It has a low volume design, exerting the least possible pressure and providing clarity when underwater. It does not compromise the stability and fit and uses a superior quality silicone skirt. Though the low volume is preferred by most, it can cause problems if you have heavy facial hair.

It has adjustable, tilting buckles attached to the skirt itself. It is compact and can be easily carried around in your pockets. It is easy to clean owing to the frameless, low volume structure.

Surely the best, economical choice for people with large faces without any compromise in comfort and is suitable for both snorkeling and diving.

  • Budget-friendly
  • High-quality material
  • Low volume and comfortable fit
  • A variety of colors
  • Less suitable for people with beards
  • A bit of a fogging problem


3. OCTOMASK – Frameless Dive Mask for All GoPro

OCTOMASK - Frameless Dive Mask w/Mount for All GoPro Hero Cameras for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Freediving (Black)OCTOMASK has been providing divers a ready-made solution for capturing all their moments underwater with ease. With the built-in camera technology, it does not compromise the quality of the material it uses. With these features, it has remained one of the top scuba masks for many years.

The OCTOMASK also has a built-in GoPro camera holder that offers divers to shoot their videos while keeping their hands free. This mask works with all the GoPro models, with the new Hero 8 models and even the previous ones.

It features dual safety tempered lens and a low volume design. It stays firm and close to your face. The low-volume design provides a great range of visibility, probably the best you can ask.

The silicon skirt is ultra-soft and ensures a perfect seal. Made up of high-quality silicone proves to be the best fitting for all face types. The mask comes with padding making it durable enough to withstand pressure and even drops on hard surfaces.

The Aluminum thumbscrew on the mask allows you to attach the camera in no time. A complimentary travel bag that comes with it makes it easy to store after the dive.

OCTOMASK features a durable design and high quality build, which you need for the best diving experience.

  • Hands-free video
  • Low volume design
  • Ultra-soft silicone skirt
  • Works with all GoPro camera models
  • Seal leaks can happen


4. Scubapro Synergy Twin Trufit Scuba Diving Mask

Scubapro Synergy 2 Twin Scuba Diving Mask (Black/Red)You want your mask to stay rigid and firm while diving. Nobody likes adjusting their masks again and again. Scubapro Synergy Twin made with exclusive Trufit Technology provides excellent support to the face. It features a mask skirt with firmer, thicker silicone near the frame to provide comfort and a watertight seal.

It is made keeping in mind different face shapes and sizes. The silicon skirt with a unique ribbing texture allows adjusting on different, even smaller faces. It, thus, provides maximum flexibility. The effective combination grants an uncommon fit and seal you surely want for yourself.

The dual design lens is low level and provides an excellent view while diving. The lens comes with mirrored option that safeguards eyes underwater against the glaring light.

The buckle and the strap system are easy to use. The buckles are attached to the tabs on the skirt rather than on the frame. It makes it more convenient to adjust the mask to your face. This feature also enables easier packing.

Available in many color combinations, so you can match your diving style with your favorite color.

The unique features make it essential for premium diving adventures. The ScubaPro products are certified by divers before they hit the market. You will surely feel the difference when you wear this one.

  • Comfort strap
  • Buckle tabs are flexible
  • Uniquely designed using Trufit Technology
  • Silicon outline on the face is thin
  • Material is too soft to stay rigid
  • Seal leaks


5. ScubaMax Abaco Oversize Single Lens Dive Mask

ScubaMax Abaco Oversize Single Lens Dive MaskScubaMax is a brand known for the affordability and durability of its products. With original designs and creativity in mind, it provides some of the best underwater adventure gear sets. Its diving masks are also worth investing in for the people with large faces.

ScubaMax Abaco stands out as one of the best-oversized masks designed especially for people with broad faces. Its distinct feature is the wide design, that goes down till the cheeks and delivers an incredible field view underwater.

The crystal sealing skirt is made up of silicone which provides comfort to the face and keeps water out. The additional feature of a doubled-edged seal holds the mask in place, making it an even better choice.

Another good feature is the single button release to adjust the zip strap. There is also an easy swivel system that makes it easy to re-size according to your face.

If you are looking for a mask for your round or large face structure, ScubaMax Abaco could be an ideal fit.

  • One lens oversized design
  • All-round swivel system
  • Easy to adjust
  • Double-edged facial seal
  • Not suitable for people with broad noses


Things to Consider When Buying a Scuba Mask for Big Face

There are several factors you need to keep in mind before buying a dive mask. You can choose the one according to your relevance considering the options available in the market. Whether you have a large face or not, these factors are equally crucial to consider.

Size and Comfort

The most imperative factor while choosing the best scuba mask is, undoubtedly, size and comfortability. Without a properly sized scuba mask, water might leak inside it. Even if it fits but its not comfortable, you might not be able to wear it for a long time.

For people with large faces, it is a bigger concern. You need to try the masks few times and check them out for their fit.


Another major factor is visibility. The mask must provide a good vision underwater. The problem of fogging, faced by most masks, obstruct proper vision. There are various types of lenses that might help solve this problem. But some scuba masks cause fogging for those with facial hair.


It is always better if you choose an adjustable mask. Everyone has a different shape and sized face, so no one size can fit any two people. With adjustable dive masks, diving becomes more comfortable for all.

It becomes crucial for people with large faces, as it is challenging to fit into standard-sized mask. Adjustable ones with silicone skirts are even better as they take the shape of your head.


Price may not be a serious concern over other factors mentioned above, but it is inevitable. Price helps decide the value and worth of the product. Compare the features and price of the product to compute if it’s worth buying.

Ease to Carry

Some scuba masks might be very effective and comfortable to wear. However, they may not be easy to carry everywhere because of their heavy and inflexible material. There are flexible, compact masks available that are easy to carry, even in your pockets.

Care Needed

Looking after your dive mask is important, cleaning and proper storage becomes necessary to ensure correct use the next time you go for a dive. Many scuba masks having frames and multiple lenses become difficult to clean over time. Frameless and mono lens masks are easier to clean. Choose based on your requirements.


No matter which scuba mask you get, you want to have an incredible diving experience like never before. You can buy the most expensive one out there, but if it doesn’t fit right on your face, you cannot have a good time underwater.

I recommend the TUSA M-1001 Freedom HD as it makes an ideal fit for larger faces. This product has all the distinct features that make it the top choice among divers.

The flexibility it offers is unparalleled. It fits all novel face shapes and sizes. Unlike other masks, it is made up of 3-D strap technology that provides a custom design for a comfortable fit. The unique features are unquestionably every diver’s dream.

So, go ahead and get the mask of your choice. Happy Diving!