Best Full Face Diving Masks – Review and Buyer’s Guide

Last Updated: March 28, 2023

If you’re a scuba diver and like to take deep dives into the sea, having a full face scuba mask should be the utmost priority.

A full face dive mask was formerly exclusively utilized by professional and research divers. However, the broader diving community may now choose from a variety of these dive masks.

Some companies have now begun to provide more entry-level and straightforward variants of their masks to encourage recreational swimmers to try out their scuba gear.

For your next dive, leave your goggles, earplugs, and nose clamp behind since you can get all of the benefits from just one piece of diving gear.

best full face diving mask

A decent dive mask allows you to inhale more comfortably, facilitates communication underwater, gives you a broader field of vision, minimizes jaw discomfort, and much more.

Even though they might be rather costly, the new avenues they open up below the ocean’s surface are priceless. You may now explore the deepest of water more comfortably and safely than ever.

I’m going to review the best full face scuba masks that will do your deepwater adventures a world of good. So, without further ado, let’s hop into it.

5 Best Full Face Scuba Diving Masks Reviewed

1. OTS Guardian Full Face Mask

OTS Guardian Full Face Mask (Black Skirt/Blue Hardware)OTS is a well-known developer of diving equipment, and was the first to produce full face dive masks. This one looks awesome, and it comes in a variety of colors.

But how does it perform as respiratory and diving equipment? It has a low-profile brim that provides excellent clarity, as well as an ABV valve that guarantees that your air supply is preserved while you are on the ground.

The construction of this model demonstrates OTS’s more than 60 years of expertise in developing and manufacturing diving masks. While the equalizing tab is not as pleasant, the mask appears to be quite enjoyable to operate.

It features double sealing, providing a safety mechanism for virtually everyone, regardless of face size. You probably wouldn’t feel the drop in temperature when in cold water. That will help you keep control of your inhalation and prevent your throat from drying up.

The OTS Guardian mask arrives with a zippered bag, particularly for this version, complete with big drain holes on the base and a vent screening on the top.

Key Features

  • Ambient breathing valve allows air conservation
  • Polycarbonate visor
  • Double face seal
  • Manufactured with convenient maintenance
  • Adjustable for all facial sizes
  • Easy clearing
  • Excellent communication abilities
  • Flexible design for a comfortable fit
  • Conservative air settings
  • Need to buy add-ons
  • Difficult to share air


2. Ocean Reef Space Extender Full Face Diving Mask with Regulator

OCEAN REEF Unisex Space Extender Integrated Full Face Diving Mask, Black/Black, Medium/LargeThe best part about the Ocean Reef Unisex mask is that it can be customized to your liking. To improve your diving adventure in specific types of water, you can attach any quantity of pieces to it.

That implies it’s ideal for those who use glasses since a corrective optical lens may be inserted in the visor. You may even add an ocean surface valve or a communications system to keep in touch with your buddy on the ocean floor.

When diving in cooler water frequently, you’re fortunate since this is cold water approved. The additional room it generates above your head and the sea act as an excellent thermal mass, maintaining you comfortable in the freezing water.

With a straightforward pre-dive/dive button, you can unwind both into or out of the water. It enables you to pump the tank only before submerging, saving gas. You may also anticipate longer dive durations thanks to the clever incorporated secondary regulator, which adapts to your breathing needs and only allows gas to enter when you breathe.

This is the ideal complete scuba mask for those who enjoy pushing their limits and those looking for the most versatile and most significant piece of equipment.

Key Features

  • Cold-water certified
  • Integrated regulator
  • Includes extender kit
  • It comes with a Surface Air Valve (SAF)
  • Four positional, directional exhaust valve
  • Entirely customizable to suit your requirements
  • Space for a communication device
  • Incredible secondary regulator saves on gas
  • Surface air valve enables saving gas
  • Communication issues reported
  • Quite expensive


3. OTS Spectrum Full Face Mask

OTS Spectrum Full Face Diving Mask with Tinted LensThe OTS Spectrum has a more straightforward, more conventional design for those of you who are not attracted by bells and whistles, offering you some complete facial coverage.

Because this OTS mask sits deeper on the face than the other picks, you may anticipate a more relaxed sensation when wholly submerged. Although it does not have a second phase regulator, the universal port layout integrates most of the regulators on the market.

The tinted visor is well-made and durable, but it may be a touch restricting aesthetically. Although it lowers substantially on each side of the nose, the visual field is still limited compared to the other masks on this list.

This does, however, feature the fantastic OTS dual seal construction, which means it will most probably suit any face type. It is an antique, more conventional style that predates all other options. It isn’t as sophisticated as other products, but it’s been tried and tested, and people seem to love it.

The overall architecture provides all of the functionality and necessities you’ll need for a great and immersive underwater adventure.

You get a five-strap variable fastening system that will keep stuff waterproof, and the equalization procedure is easy. It’s as simple as pinching the nasal region. Quick, flawless, and absolutely necessary is the OTS Spectrum.

Key Features

  • Tinted lenses with a black skirt
  • Arrives with cost-free shark dive flag sticker
  • Dual air valve
  • It fits most second regulators
  • Designed for water temperature below 50 degrees
  • Straightforward equalization control
  • Space for communication devices
  • Provides adequate security
  • Secures your eyes from glare
  • There are some issues with cheap material being used
  • Hard to disengage after a dive


4. Ocean Reef Neptune Space G Full Face Mask

Ocean Reef Neptune Space G Full Face Mask Emerald, M/LAnother fantastic Ocean Reef mask intended to provide you complete control and convenience during a dive will convert you into a kind of magnificent subaquatic demideity.

The mask features an extra elastic, flexible face seal that fits nearly every facial shape perfectly and enables the mask to hover very nicely at the front of the forehead. This is due to the high-quality silicone rubber used. In the sea, this mask rarely weighs you down, sparing you from unnecessary neck strain.

This Ocean Reef mask comes with six flexible headbands, which are more prominent at the end, so you may manage them while donning your neoprene diving gloves. The rapid spinning buckle mechanism allows users to quickly wear and unbutton the whole thing without untying every belt.

This mask includes a built-in additional regulator, eliminating the need for other purchases. It’s also quite affordable, mainly because the visor appears to be just as stunning and transparent as my previous selection.

You may also perform some customizing with it. A scuba octopus or surface air valve can be fitted into one of the extra ports.

Key Features

  • Integrated secondary regulator
  • Spring functionality
  • It comes in two adjustable sizes
  • Wide tipped straps
  • Customizable port
  • Sleek lock and style
  • Offers communication abilities
  • Options for further add-ons
  • Highly adjustable and comfortable
  • Bulky in design


5. IST M37 Pegasus Full Face Mask

IST M37 Pegasus Full Face Mask for Commercial Scuba Diving, Low Volume Gear with Octo Attachment (Black Silicone)The IST M37 is a pleasant, inexpensive, and simple to use mask. If you’re not convinced about a full face type of mask or are on a fence, the M37 Pegasus is an excellent choice.

I would recommend spending some time with the M37 Pegasus instead of a costlier model. This is a great brand to get acquainted with, but it may not be the best long-term gear purchase. This simple mask is meant to be extremely lightweight and tight on your head.

They’ve created the M37 Pegasus to be a design that’s comfortable and easy on the face, reducing jaw pain and maximizing adaptability. It has a matte rubber surface and wide-view, double tempered glass lenses for a stable and sharp line of sight.

I believe that the value of this mask is a significant selling point since some divers may be reluctant to switch to full-face type diving masks, and this one lowers the cost.

You get a perfect experience and a high-quality mask without breaking the budget. This is a great way to get started with full face masks.

Key Features

  • Comfortable silicone finishing
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Matte rubber finish
  • Double-tempered glass lens
  • Adjustable straps
  • Versatile and lightweight
  • Sturdy glass lens
  • Convenient octopus’s attachment
  • Low volume and easy to equalize
  • No communication abilities
  • Quality may not be that great for the price


Buyer’s Guide

Consider the Mask Type

– Masks with Tube

Tube masks often feature an above tube that aids in removing CO2 and aids in inhaling without spilling water within. They’re designed to be used as snorkeling and scuba masks – those that have a sound communication system in place for protection.

You have enough room across from your lips to speak and breathe. Furthermore, they are now accessible with a plethora of functions at a low cost.

– Masks with Mouthpieces

You’ll require masks with mouthpieces if you’re a skilled scuba diver who has to travel straight into the water to photograph beautiful underwater sights. They’re usually needed to handle freezing water so that you can inhale and communicate without difficulty.

Other Features to Inspect

– Lens Type

Examine to see if the mask has elevated real solitary or multiplex lenses, as shattering lenses underwater might lead you to drown if you have an eye injury.

– Gear Weight

Another crucial element to consider is if the mask is light enough to be worn under the water for extended periods.

Manufacturers frequently attempt to make them excessively durable or futuristic. They get too hefty to dive undersea as a result. For instance, possessing the flexibility to add a GoPro camera is excellent, but if it renders the mask bulkier, it could be an issue.

– Anti-Fogging

The first thing you should look for when purchasing a full-face dive mask is if it includes anti-fogging characteristics. Whenever a mask fogs up, it not only blocks your eyesight but also puts you in danger of harm or injury.

– Mask Strap

Because most masks come with bands, you must inspect the equipment used to produce the straps. The strap should not be constructed of substantial fabrics, as they may cause claustrophobic feelings underwater.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a full face scuba mask?

A full face diving mask does exactly what it says on the tin: it covers your entire face. Initially intended for exposure prevention in cold water or other severe conditions and underwater audio communications.

They integrate dive masks and regulators into a single piece of equipment. They have long been a favorite among industrial and consumer divers. Still, they are also gaining popularity in recreational diving and being hailed as the next massive thing by some.

What differentiates a regular scuba mask from a full face one?

A full-face mask is a type that covers the complete face and arrives with one or two regulators. You would not have to hold a regulator in the mouth since a portion of the mask will lock around the mouth, allowing you to inhale normally.

Another significant distinction separating them is the expense. The former will cost considerably more than a standard scuba mask. However, it will provide a large number of additional benefits to keep the diver more relaxed and safer.

Why choose a full-face scuba mask?

The biggest benefit is a convenience for the divers, as highlighted across the article. For divers, these masks provide better strength, comfort and fit. You don’t have to look for a regular dive mask specifically suitable for your face type, whether its large, small or with mustache and beard. Full face masks will fit any face size comfortably.

Your vision will improve, and you may experience less claustrophobia when you uncover your whole face. A full face mask also has the added feature of allowing you to converse via an audio communications system. You may speak freely without actually holding a regulator in your mouth.

Diving masks are expensive – but are they worth the investment?

This is a complicated question. I would think that depends on the goals for using it. If you reside and dive in a problematic area or benefit from the characteristics that a full-face diving mask provides, then go ahead and get one.

If you’re split about these masks or want to try one out, I wouldn’t advocate purchasing a costlier one straight immediately. They’re fascinating pieces of gear that may appear more frequently in the future, but I wouldn’t see them being the industry norm for recreational divers anytime shortly.

What is the best full-face scuba diving mask?

Whichever one you prefer.

On a much sounder footing, my selection includes complete face masks with a variety of unique characteristics. There is no such thing as an absolute “best” full face diving mask. That being said, I’ve chosen what I believe to be top in the industry, and I’ve explained why.

However, this choice might not be yours. You could decide that another version has a better appearance, experience, and functionality. That’s perfectly good; it indicates you’ve discovered the best one on the market for yourself.


Scuba diving is incomplete without the essential gears. And the full face scuba mask is one of the main components to make your scuba diving experience adventurous.

Although all the products are a fantastic depiction of quality combined with excellent value for money, I believe the OTS Guardian Full Face Mask is your safest bet. It comes with all the necessary features and specs that you’re looking for in a full face scuba diving mask. Don’t miss out on that one!