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After the end of WW2 the scientific community began to explore the marine environment using aqualung/scuba to unravel its secrets.

In the 1960s and 1970s the academic sector was fully starting to realise how information and data gathered from a multitude of locations underwater was creating a new understanding on the ecology, geothermic activity and oceanic life in general of the planet.

Scientific interest is not the only reason for diving those academically minded to don aqualung. Re-discovering our past was and is a good amount of what Research divers quest for in archaeological expeditions. The Tudor warship 'The Mary Rose.' which was recovered in 1980 demonstrated how years of planning and painstaking months of research diving could achieve the impossible.

From the 1990s onwards coral reef structures have been the focus for many in the scientific community. It has since been discovered that a wealth of rare medicines and cancer treatment sources exist in coral formations. Environmentalist worries over the 'el nino'/'la nina' warming/cooling phenomenon of mid 1990s onwards have been another concern for underwater scientists. A very recent Scientific operation into environmental disaster was the asian tsunami of December 2004. Amid the fall-out and recovery operation launched was a series of detailed research assessment dives. It was on these that the condition of the Andaman sea coral was and is being continually evaluated.

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