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A lot of things happen offshore, whether it's on the static platforms of the North Sea or elsewhere. A lot of personnel are involved in the work and production on board. Things can happen and be routine, making what goes on a mundane time where oil workers can but count the days until their two weeks is up.

On others there are happenings and doings that can resonate down from through word-of-mouth to the present day in the form of oil workers tales. When the right mix of oil workers gather for rest and refreshment in the 'tea shacks' and 'smokers' it can be a time for grand offshore tales! They can be rich and enlightening, witty yet serious and harsh and harrowing. Presented here are a selection of the Offshore Tales.

The Piper Alpha Disaster

The Dreaded NRB (Not Required Back)

Hassle With The HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training)

Shifting Patterns

It's Hardcore on the Helideck!

Knuckle Draggers Cometh!

Core Crew Cruisers Vs The Freelancer Adventurers!

Meddling Medics

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