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Survival Offshore is dependent on a number of things, to start with knowledge and experience in these matters beforehand is a major bonus. To work offshore in almost all parts of the world you have to of completed an Offshore Survival Course. From here you will of been exposed to likely situations involving Offshore Survival.

These include -

Offshore Platform Overview and Evacuation.

Life Boat / Raft Deployment and use.

Helicopter Ditching & Rollover.

Offshore Evacuation

This section will focus more on the evacuation side of an offshore platform. For an overview of Offshore Platforms click on the link above.

There are roughly three ways off an offshore platform in an emergency. Starting with the most desirable.

Helicopter Evacuation


While it can take some time for the helicopters to make the initial scramble and flight-time to a platform. Once there though they can evacuate waiting personnel on the helideck to safety while the core crew fight the blaze below. This typically will be the least hazardous method of escape, although there are those that stress if the situation become catastrophic even helicopter-borne escape can be chancy. Indeed weather conditions can mean they are unable to land on a platform. In which case it is time to present another, more daring method of evacuation. Lifeboat / Life Raft escape!

Escape by Life Boat



Escape by Life Raft


Escape to Sea - Oil and Gas Platform.

The most risky method, yet also the quickest, is to jump into the sea itself. While this may seem foolhardy it does guarantee distancing yourself from the immediate danger (assuming the wind and current carry you away from the platform). However unless you are appropiately equipped your survival chances are limited. The first thing to try and do is get as low as possible to the water, the DONUT escape equipment


Once you are at sea it's almost certainly the waiting game. Hopefully, if you're in a life-boat you'll have the advantage being enclosed from the elements, secure and heading to a safe-zone to await the rescue-ships.
If you are inside a life-raft the odds are still in your favour, if it's deployed


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