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Offshore Platforms - Forties Alpha Installation

Platform Size - Medium.

Platform Location - North Sea (Approx 100 miles East of Aberdeen)

Condition - Weathered.

Hydrocarbon Output - 10,000+ barrels a day.

Offshore Welfare facilities (Internal) -

The Good

The cafeteria is top quality both in food and service. A big screen TV is located here and in both the smoking lounge and the non-smoking lounge.
Internet (Three terminals) connection is good and runs at DSL speed. Two free telephones within booths are located inside the accommodation module for personal calls (not international). Outside in the platform work zones there are phones that require an unlocking code (*456) for an outside line.
Accommodation areas within the module are 2 person bunks with TV. Apart from the 'Southern Truss' area the bunks tend to be spacious and comfortable.
A well equiped gym.
The Bond sells duty free goods.

The Bad

The 'Southern Truss' accommodation area. Remotely located outside the accommodation module, any oil workers unfortunate enough to be quartered here must make a transit each and every time they need to access it. The 'Southern Truss' is sub-standard and 4 person bunks are located here.
All Washing / shower facilities are communal and are detached from the bunks. There are also insufficient lockers.

Work Area Welfare - This is the best of the Offshore Platform Review so far, there are separate non-smoking and smoking areas in the production areas and reading material is provided in both as well as tea / coffee making facilities. Toilets (both male and female) are also located nearby.

Platform Emergency Drills - Evident and carried out weekly.

Overview - Located in the Forties oil reserves of the North Sea the Forties Platforms are some of the oldest oil rigs going! This one in particular 'The Forties Alpha' was amoung the first constructed in the Forties Region. Notable features include the fact that over a dozen nearby oil rigs / platforms are within sight including the other Forties Platforms. Also worth mentioning is the Helideck which sits slightly lower than the upper level modules. This gives a 'descending inside the platform' feeling on landing as opposed to the lofty elevation of other platforms helidecks.

The oil company 'Apache' is the owner and operator of this platform. The primary contracting company that provides personnel for the oil platform is Wood Group.

OPR Rating - 7.5 / 10. To submit your additional review of the platform click here.

Gas Platform Forties Alpha

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