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Offshore Platform - Dunbar Installation

Platform Size - Medium.

Platform Location - North Sea 260 miles NE of Aberdeen, it is periodically connected to a tender platform to boost worker numbers.

Condition - Weathered but maintained. Average overall condition.

Hydrocarbon Output - 12,000 - 15,000 Barrels per day.

Maximum Persons On Board (POB) - 55 (Rising to 70 by 2008).

Offshore Welfare facilities (Internal) -

The Good

Has a spacious and well designed layout in the TV room and ajoining smoking room, the smoking room is well ventilated. A well stocked library and a computer room with 3 up-to-date PCs with moderate to fast internet connections is an excellent morale raiser. There is also another 2 PCs for gaming, one of these is a powerful Dell XPS!
The food is tasty and well varied. The entire Accommodation module is well ventilated and cool air is constantly blown in through the air con.

The Bad

The personnel capacity is low given the size of the platform and it requires a tender platform connected to it due to lack of bedspace. This can mean complications in bad weather and 'lock-outs' if too many personnel try to enter at any one time. The berths are quite small. Only two telephones are available for phoning home.

Offshore Welfare facilities (External) - Smoking areas are located just adjacent to the enclosed stairways and on the weather deck level. Every phone point (except the brew room and offices) is locked to internal platform calls only. Stairs to the upper and lower levels seem more prevelent on the Dunbar than most other platforms meaning getting about the platform can be a real work-out!
Food is available during morning and afternoon breaks to help alleviate this though.
The senior management are an even-handed bunch. They tend to be respected and are considered some of the best in the North Sea for man-management and work-scope dynamics.

Platform Emergency Drills - Evident and carried out weekly (usually on a Saturday or Sunday).

Overview - Located in the Northern Frontier region of the North Sea this static platform is within sight of many other platforms (weather permitting!).

The oil company Total is the owner and operator of this platform. Total are considered specialists in mature field development and it is no suprise that this platform is constantly being optimised for hydrocarbon output. The platform lies in the Alwyn Field of the North Sea. Safety features include the innovative rapid escape free-fall 'torpedo' lifeboats and a 'skyscape' evacuation system. The platform controls 12 subsea wells that are connected to the Alwyn Platform for onward processing to the St Fergus Terminal. The multi-phase booster pumps that were recently installed are considered the biggest and most powerful in the world. An additional lifeboat and pipework assembly is being added soon, expanding its capabilities considerably.
The primary contracting company that provides personnel for the oil platform is Petrofac and Woodgroup. This review is valid as at 1 August 2007.

OPR Rating - 7.0 / 10. To submit your additional review of the platform click here.

Oil Platform Dunbar

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