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Offshore Platform - Alwyn Installation

Platform Size - Medium. Twin Platform configuration with ruggedised, wind-proofed walkway between.

Platform Location - North Sea, around 430 miles NE of Aberdeen.

Condition - Good overall condition.

Hydrocarbon Output - 7,000 Barrels per day.

Maximum Persons On Board (POB) - Normally 230 (300+ attainable with Sea Bunks fitted).

Platform Operational - 1988.

Offshore Welfare (Internal) -

The Good

Has a medium-sizen TV room / Rec Room with pool and snooker table and two internet computers.
The food is usually tasty and slightly varied through the week, steward-staff are friendly. The entire Accommodation module is fairly well ventilated via the HVAC system. Cool air is constantly blown in through the air con. Three telephones are available for calling home.
Heli-admin has an additional three internet PCs. Connection speed is quite fast.
A cinema room plays films most nights. DVDs are available.
A well stocked library / quiet room gives some comfort from the noise of the rec-room.
An internal lift is available for travel between floors in the accommodation.

The Bad

Internet PCs are restrictive on some websites.

Offshore Welfare (External) - No Smoking areas on the production platform (NAB), although Petrofac have a small tea shack on here.
Bread and Soup are available during morning and afternoon breaks. Syrupy, nippy and hippy tunes drone out through the speaker system (boot locker level).

The Alwyn scores much needed points for having two industrial capacity cargo / personnel lifts installed. However during the times when they are needed the most (shutdowns for example), a certain engineer officially restricts there use to cargo only.

The mid-level management rule with an iron hand here. Time-management being their creed and silent tyranny their religion! Policing the bridge, policing the job and cracking the whip are the norm. They tend to be spoken badly of by the workforce, with recruitment of fresh manpower a feat in itself.
Compared to it's sister platform, The Dunbar, the contrast in the North Sea for man-management and work-scope dynamics is almost unimaginable. For all that they do have able junior management who tirelessley keep things going.
That said this platform undoubtably has an arguable reputation the length and breadth of the North Sea of being the toughest and most difficult to work on.

Platform Emergency Drills - Normally carried out weekly (usually on a Sunday).

Overview - Located in the Northern Frontier region of the North Sea this static platform is within sight of many other platforms including the Norwegian sector ones (weather permitting!).

The oil company Total is the owner and operator of this platform.
Wood Group, Petrofac and RGB are the primary construction contractors.
The primary contracting company that provides personnel for the oil platform is Petrofac and Woodgroup. This review is valid as at Summer 2010.

OPR Rating - 4.0 / 10. To submit your additional review of the platform click here.

Oil Platform Dunbar

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