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Offshore Platform - AUK Installation

Platform Size - Small.

Platform Location - North Sea (Approx 155 miles East of Aberdeen)

Condition - Weathered.

Hydrocarbon Output - Approx 2,500 barrels a day.

Platform Operational - 1975.

Offshore Welfare facilities -

The Good

The Internet (Two terminals) is a good connection and is about DSL speed.
The galley is small but the food is pleasant, well prepared and cooked.
The OIM (Offshore Installation Manager) is friendly and mixes well with the other workers.
Outside on the platform work zones there is one phones available for personal calls. A large TV is located in the recreational lounge. Although the lounge is quite small it is very smart by making the best use of space by appearing spacious while incorporating internet terminals a pool table. Tea and coffee machines along with cold drinks are available here.
The accommodation is 3 person bunks with an attached washing / shower area. A TV / DVD player is also installed.
The washing / shower areas are attached to the bunks.
A well equiped gym.
The Bond sells duty free goods.

The Bad

The accommodation (accm) bunks are small, narrow and cramped. THis is being overhauled and improved soon though (Sept 2008).

Work Area Welfare - Quite good. The work ethic here is relaxed and typically low-key. There are smoking areas outside of the accm. module and the is plentiful locker space.

Platform Emergency Drills - Evident and carried out weekly (usually on a sunday).

Overview - Located in the Central North Sea Zone this oil platform is within sight of one or two other platforms (which include the Fulmer Platform) The platform was constructed and began production in the 1975. Unique point to the AUK is that natural gas is diverted to power the electrical generators thus 'saving' on the fuel bill! A smaller offshore platform than most it weights in at a Jacket/Topside combined weight of 11,500 tonnes.

The oil giant 'Shell' was the owner and operator of this platform. Now Talisman is the owner/operator. The primary contracting company that provides personnel for the oil platform is Wood Group.

OPR Rating - 6.5 / 10. To submit your additional review of the platform click here.

Oil Platform AUK

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