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Offshore Platform - North Cormorant

Platform Size - Medium. (?? platform with connecting bridge.)

Platform Location - North Sea, northern sector. Over 265 miles North of Aberdeen. Within sight of neighbouring platforms.

Condition - Fair overall condition.

Hydrocarbon Output - 1,100 - 1,500 Barrels per day.

Maximum Persons On Board (POB) - 200

Platform Operational - 1989

Offshore Welfare (Internal) -

The Good

Spacious Galley. Has a multi-area rec-room with 3 internet PCs.

Games room with snooker table, pool and table tennis.
The food is usually chicken and white meat with variety of veg dishes.
3 x Internet PCs.
5 x office internet PCs (authorisation required).
The entire Accommodation module is well ventilated via the HVAC system. Freezing air is blown in through the air con. The cabin's can be warm on level 4 though. Thermostat adjustable.
Five or so telephones are available for calling home. More so in the office areas.
Connection speed is quite fast and fluid.
DVDs are available from the non-smokers lounge.
Decent gym.

The Bad

Cabins do not have ensuite showers and toilets. The Showers and toilets are shared with the next-door cabin. More bothersome is the fact that the sinks are located within the shower cubicle itself, meaning a soaking floor is constantly underfoot when wanting to brush teeth etc.
No quiet room.
Over-zealous censoring of websites on the gateway ISP.
Lack of red-meat dishes.
A tiny stocked library with a poor selection of books is available here also.
Byzantine safety induction paperwork delays and compounds.

Offshore Welfare (External) - No smoking shack area on the production platform. Smoking area in the boot locker area only.
H2S monitors are required to be worn in certain areas of the platform.
Morning break snacks so-so. Afternoon snacks are nice enough though.
Ridiculous knife policy in force.

Platform Emergency Drills - Normally carried out weekly (usually on a Sunday).

Overview - Located far from the Scottish mainland offshore from the Shetlands. This static platform is within sight of it's sister platform the Cormorant Alpha, the Eider and even the mighty Brent Platforms.

The expansive and foreign energy company Taqa is the operator of this platform.
The primary contracting company that provides personnel for the oil platform is Woodgroup and RBG. OPR Rating - 6.5 / 10 To submit your additional review of the platform click here.

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