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Military divers are by their very nature a very different breed to their land-based brethren, they tend to be rough, tough and hard as nails! It is no surprise that the training regimes in place for producing such combat divers is any different! Strenuous, a high failure-rate and grueling physical exercise are just some of the training's hallmarks. To even be eligible for the training you normally are required to be a serving soldier/navy rating. It is with the increased fitness levels of military divers that they can and do exceed the civilian partial pressure limits for pure oxygen to evade detection. The exact figure is not disclosed (for security reasons) but beyond 2.0 pp 02 seems a conservative estimate.
While this may seem suicidal to many careful recreational divers aware of oxygen toxicity it should be remembered that recreational diving takes its recommended limits from extreme 'worst case scenario' data. Something that the military is more than ready to risk rather than have their divers suffer death or capture at the hands of an enemy!

Currently Great Britain's SBS (Special Boat Service) is considered, along with the US Navy S.E.A.L.S to be the best combat divers in the world. The training is fearsome and the SBS used to, until recently, only take on volunteers who were already Royal Marine Commandos.

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