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Massachusetts is the sixth state of the USA.

The State of Massachusetts is known for it's textiles, electronics industry and tourism.

There are some fairly decent-sized lakes in this state and plenty of coastal areas for diving. Several Islands, including the famous Martha's Vineyard lie nearby offshore.

It's a small state with the state capital being Boston and sharing its coastline with the Atlantic Ocean. Neighboring states are New Hampshire and Connecticut.

This state's small town 'Glouster' was where the Andrea Gail vessel set out from before meeting it's end in the 1991 'Perfect Storm'

It's dive sites are lakes, coastal and oceanic.

Dive Sites of Massachusetts.

40 Steps

Back Beach

Bass Rocks

Brant Rocks

Burnham Rock

Cape Hedge Beach

Cathedral Rocks

Chandler Hovey

Chester Poling Wreck


Corporation Beach

Folly Cove

Front Beach

Garbage Beach

Green Island

Gun Rock

Halibut Point

Hathaways Pond

Hoop Pole Cove

Loblolly Cove

Magnolia Rocks

Minot Beach

Morton State Park

Norman's Woe

Old Garden Beach

Pebble Beach

Plum Cove

Plymouth Beach

Romance Dive Site

Salt Island

Sandwich Town Beach

Snake Pond

Stage Fort Park

Whale Cove

White Horse Beach


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