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Mississippi is the 20th state in the USA.

The State of Mississippi is known for it's farming, oil, textiles, electronics, transport and fishing. It's considered within the Southern Heartlands of the old confederate states. The State Motto being 'Virtute et armis' aka By Valour and Arms.

The Magnolia State has a few small lakes including Arkabutla Lake, Grenada Lake, Ross-Barnett Lake and Sardis Lake.
The coastal areas for diving are major in Mississippi although Cumberland Island National Sea Shore is one spot worth exploring.

It's a small state with the state capital being Baton Rouge. Lousiana's coastline runs along the Gulf of Mexico.
Neighboring states are Texas and Mississippi.

Dive Sites of Louisiana.

Places to dive are mostly offshore and unusually consist of oil and gas structures. Oil rigs can be make for very good dive sites. Some are deliberate artificial reefs made up of tubes resembling the steel jacket of an offshore platform. They do tend to be quite deep.
The operatational rigs divers are allowed to dive off are better for the 30 to 60 ft range you'll see most of the aquatic life from. The Coastal platforms are usually favored by spearfishermen while the ones further offshore are more advanced and suitable for scuba divers.

You'll have to dive a good few miles offshore to really benefit from the good visibility of 80 to 100 ft. In the lakes on the mainland of Mississippi it's usually poor visibility with the surface run-off. Expect no more than 2 - 3 feet vis.

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