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Illinois is the 21st state in the USA and the northernmost state on the eastern seaboard. It is a Great Lakes State.

The State of Illinois is known for it's agriculture, cattle, manufacturing and mining.
It is a part of the USA that is home to one of the Great Lakes of America - Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan being the largest lake for Illinois the other lakes include Lake Renden, Lake Pearl, Crystal Lake and Strode Lake.

It's a large state with the state capital being Springfield but the most famous city being Chicago; The Windy City.
It shares its borders with Wisconsin to the north , Indiana to the east and Missori to the south.

Dive Sites of Illinois

Brandon Quarry

George Marley Wreck

Grain Barge

Haigh Quarry

Kickpapoo State Park - Inland Sea

Mermet Springs

Pearl Lake

Sportsmans Lake

Rotarian Wreck

St Mary Wreck

Straits of Mackinac

Strode Lake

Tacoma Wreck

Wings of Wind Shipwreck




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