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Florida is the 27th state of the USA.

The State of Florida is known for it's tourism, fruit agriculture and electronics.

There are some fairly decent-sized lakes including: Lake Sinclair, Lake Blackshear, Allatoona Lake and the mighty J Strom Thurmond. The coastal areas for diving are slight although Cumberland Island National Sea Shore is one spot worth exploring.

It's a medium state with the capital being Jacksonville. Florida shares its coastline with both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Neighboring states are Georgia and Alabama.

Florida has numerous counties that are rich in historical background and the diving is often a key to re-discovering the past here. The Lakes, rivers and seas are legion and offer up many different challenges to divers. A prime factor amongst many are the number of shipwrecks which foundered and sank due to the hurricanes and storms that occasionally sweep through the Atlantic and Gulf.

The State of Florida is uniquely situated as it is where the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean meet. The marine life is therefore varied with temperate pelagics crossing with sub-tropical reef life. Historically dating back to the earliest days of the Reneissance explorers many shipwrecks lie as yet undiscovered. Questing divers and treasure hunters often set out to find them but salvage laws are rigourously enforced in some areas by Federal authorities..

The diving in Florida can be considered among the best in America. Inland dive sites are a-plenty and both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean offer opportunities for novice and experienced diver alike.

Florida's dive sites are found in lakes, coastal and oceanic and reef areas.

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