The Diamond State

Liberty and Independence


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Delaware is the first state of the USA.

The State of Delaware is known for its business, tourism and agriculture.

Famously George Washington set foot on the states shores during the heady days of the Revolutionary War.

It's a small state with the state capital being Dover and sharing its coastline with the Atlantic Ocean. Nearby is Washington D.C

It's dive sites are oceanic dives or shoreline excursions.

Delaware Dive Sites

Cherokee, AKA 'The Gunboat'

China Wreck


Elizabeth Palmer

Fenwick Shoals


Independence Day Wreck

Indian River Inlet

Jakes Wreck


Northern Pacific

Pattys Pitcher Wreck

USS Cherokee

USS Jacob Jones


Wendys Wreck

Known Dive Schools in Delaware :

Salty Dog Dive Center

Diehard Divers

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