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California is the 50th state of the USA.

The State of California is legendary for being a Film-making powerhouse centered in Los Angeles. Amongst it's lesser known but no less major industry are:

It's fertile ground produces a boom of agriculture and farming. A large chunk of the USA's food is California-sourced. Indeed California is home to one of the Great Farmlands of America.

Some limited offshore oil and gas extraction. Mining and electronics.

There are no decent-sized lakes in California but the the coastal areas have dive sites.

It's a large state with the state capital being Sacramento. But many consider L.A to be the unofficial capital. Other cities include San Franciso, a city made famous by it's hippy's, dirty harry films, earthquakes and hills.

California shares its coastline with the Pacific Ocean. Neighboring states are Nevada and Colorado.

California's dive sites are found in lakes, coastal and oceanic areas Listed below are the ones we know of.

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