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Maine is the 23rd state in the USA and the northernmost state on the eastern seaboard.

The State of Maine is known for it's ship-building, agriculture, fishing and tourism. It is a state that the famous author Stephen King often sets his books.

There are some fairly decent-sized lakes in this state and plenty of coastal areas for diving. Several small islands; mostly from the National Park lie offshore.

It's a small state with the state capital being Augusta and the largest city being Portland. It shares its coastline with the Atlantic Ocean. Nearby is Canada and New Hampshire.

Maine's dive sites are lakes, coastal and oceanic.

Dive Sites of Maine.

Biddeford Pool

Fort Foster

Fort McClary

Fort Williams

Giant Stair Case

Kettle Cove

Lands End

Nubble Lighthouse

Old Town Pier

Ships Cove

Stration Islet

Twin Lights

Wells Beach

Wreck of the Wandby

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