Vermont Hyperbaric




In the event of a decompression injury the emergency number to dial is '911' based on the where you are you will be assigned to the nearest hyperbaric facility.

For reference and information, the chambers in this state are listed below, in alphabetical order.

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Monoplace - A recompression chamber that has a capacity for only one person lying down. These are also known as 'coffin-chambers'

Multiplace - A recompression chamber that has a capacity for more than one person and usually permits a physician/medic to be in attendance from within.

*The chambers and physicians listed have no relationship with this web site and no guarantees of quality are offered or implied. The listings are for information only. This is a listing that I have developed for my personal use. Please be aware that these references are under no obligation at all to respond. It may be that not all of these physicians treat patients, but it is probable that they all may refer you to the appropriate service.

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