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North Carolina is the twelth state in the USA.

The State of North Carolina is known for it's farming, textiles, machinery and tourism.

There are a lot of small lakes and coastal areas for diving. Dive sites lie offshore from the state as well as inland.

The state capital in North Carolina is Columbia and sharing its coastline with the Atlantic Ocean. Neighboring states are North Carolina and Georgia.

This state is famous for where the Wright Brothers made the first sustained flight from Wrightsville Beach.

It's dive sites are lakes, coastal and oceanic.

North Carolina has plenty of dve sites to choose from.

From Cape Fear in the South up to Nags Head in the north this state has over a hundred dive sites. These are mostly shipwrecks but also some marine dive sites as well. Listed below are the dive sites.

Dive Sites of South Carolina.

Acapulco Lake - Lillington

Advance II - Nags Head, Oregon Inlet

Aeolus (ARC-3) - Morehead City

Alexander Ramesy (AKA the Liberty Ship) - Wrightsville Beach

American Quarry - Granite Quarry

Ashkabad - Cape Lookout

Atlas - Cape Lookout

Australia - Cape Hatteras

Blue Stone Dive Resort - Thomasville

Box Wreck - Cape Lookout

British Splendor - Ocracoke

Carbisea - Cape Lookout

Cassimir - Wrightsville Beach

Catherine M. Monohan - Cape Hatteras

Dionysus - Cape Lookout

Dixie Arrow - Cape Hatteras

Empire Gem - Cape Hatteras

ESSO Nashville - Wilmington

F.W. Abrams - Cape Hatteras

Fantasy Lake Scuba Park - Wake Forest

Fossil Ledge - Wrightsville Beach

George Weems - Cape Hatteras

Hesperides - Diamond Shoals

HMS Bedfordshire - Beaufort

Huron - Nags Head

Hyde - Wilmington

Indra (AR-330) - Morehead City

Jackson - Nags Head

James M. Robertson Quarry - Blanche Prison, Blanch

John D. Gill - Southport

Kassandra Louloudis - Diamond Shoals

Keshena - Ocracoke

Lake Hickory - Taylorsville

Lake Hickory - Taylorsville97

Lake James - Morganton

Lake Norman PDRA Quarry - Mooresville

Lake Norman Quarry - Hickory

Liberator - Diamond Shoals

Long Bay Artifical Reefs - Long Bay

Malchace - Cape Lookout

Manuela - Cape Lookout

Markham - Wilmington11

Morehead City Railroad Bridge - Morehead City

Naeco- Beaufort

Normannia- Wilmington

Northeastern- Diamond Shoals

Papoose - Morehead City

Dredge Wreck Playa - Massonboro Inlet

Pocahontas- Wilmington

Porta Allegra - (Lobster Wreck) - Cape Lookout

Proteus- Beaufort

Radio Island Rock Jetty- Beaufort

Rosin - (SS Runa) - Wrightsville Beach

Schurz - Morehead City

Senateur Duhamel - Beaufort

Stone Tug - Wilmington

Suloide - Beaufort

Tamaulipus (Far East Tanker) - Cape Lookout

Tarpon - Cape Hatteras

The Proteus - 89- Cape Hatteras

Theodore Parker - (The Liberty Ship) - Beaufort

Titan Tug - Morehead City

U-352 - Morehead City

U-701 - BeaufortNCUnited States2742

U-85 - Nags Head

USCGC Spar - Morehead City

Veturia - Cape Lookout

W.E. Hutton - Morehead

Yanceyville - Blanch

Yancy - Cape Lookout

Zane Grey - Nags Head / Oregon Inlet


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