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The Great Lakes of the USA and Canada can be considered the finest lake diving in the world, due to the lakes being fresh water all of the wooden wrecks here are preserved by the waters.
There are many old wrecks to explore with some dating back to the 1800s. The depths the lakes can reach go to beyond 200 meters, this makes them excellent sites for technical divers wanting to train and explore the depths. Viewed from above the Great Lakes resemble a giant palm tree swaying in the wind.


Many Americans and Canadian people are attracted to the sparkling waters, central location and appeal that fresh-water has. Diving is only one of the reasons for the boat traffic on it's waters. Commercial boat-traffic, pleasure boaters and wilderness preserve rangers make up many of the others.
The climate here is temperate-warm in the summer but can reach freezing sub-arctic conditions in the winter.

Great Lakes Facts Page

Lakes consist of (in size order) the largest:

Lake Superior

The largest of the great lakes is Lake Superior, this is mostly a lake that is dived from Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan from the United States side and from Ontario and Thunder Bay in Canada. Although the map suggests that the lake is land-locked this is not so.
The lake runs to a narrow channel that flows south-east into Lake Huron and Michigan


Lake Michigan

Lake Michigan

Lake Huron

Lake Huron

Lake Erie

Lake Erie

Lake Ontario

This lake being the smallest and located in Canada.

To many American divers the Great Lakes hold an olde world charm, they are often reminders of a bygone age. With over 6000 wrecks in the Lakes there is a lot of diving potential here.
Dive clubs and pioneering scuba divers often make the lakes a good project for dive expeditions. For in depth information on diving the Great Lakes please follow either the links on the left-hand menu or click here.

It should be noted that removing ANYTHING from the wreck sites here is illegal.

Dive Sites of The Great Lakes

Listed below are the dive sites of all five of the Great Lakes. Where possible they are clickable to obtain lore on the background and story behind the fateful day of them sinking.

Lake Erie

Lake Huron

Sanilac Shores Preserve


Charles S. Price

Mary Alice B.

Thumbs Area Preserve

Daniel J Morrell



Lake Michigan

Straits of Mackinaw Diving




Eber Ward

J.H. Outhwaite



William H. Barnum

Thunder Bay Area (Shipwreck Alley)


Isaac M. Scott



New Orleans


Oscar T. Flint

Unkown Barge



Lake Ontario



Lake Superior


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