Scapa Flow Diving


English Dive Zone

Prelude to the Legend of Scapa Flow

1918, just after the end of World War 1 the remains of the German fleet were ordered to Scapa Flow where preparations were being made to seize the ships as the spoils of war.

Luckily for divers, the Captain of the German fleet wasn't one to let the small armada fall into enemy hands. Giving out the order for every ship to be scuttled, including the mighty Kron Prince Wilhelm. Seacocks were hammered open, valves opened and water pipes smashed. The British killed seven and wounded sixteen in their efforts to make them stop They also managed to beach some of the warships, including the massive Baden. However with only 3 destroyers and 7 trawlers to tow the stricked ships to shallow waters the writing was on the wall. In total 52 ships were lost to the sea. Some would later be salvaged or used for target practice. Those that couldn't be salvaged were the deeper water ones. The ones that divers can reach and explore!




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