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As a former Portugese colony it's glory days may have faded, but the diving it offers gives a taste of sub-aqua delight from it's once-hippy trail destination.
The best time of year for diving Goa is reckoned to be November to May. That way you avoid the brunt of the monsoon season.

Goa has a small island off it's coast for some good diving. There are several dive sites here:


Half Wreck

Only the stern of this ship remains. Depth ranges from 5-15m,
Advanced dive due to currents and low visiblity conditions usual here

Lighthouse Point Reef

No data

Navy Bay Reef

This is a rocky reef with encrusting and soft coral.
Has plenty of hiding places for Lobsters!

Rock Canyon

A nice swimthrough that opens into the bay.
The walls are covered with orange-red encrusting sponges and large sea urchins

St. Georges Reef Wreck

Basel Mission Company Ship
Sunk around 1865
Max Depth - Not known but unlikely to exceed 20M

This was a wooden Portuguese ship
carrying roof tiles from Mangalore
The wood hull has now decayed but the cargo is still scattered along the sea bed nearby

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