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German Lore takes us back to a different time, a different age. It was a time when the great tribal migrations of pre-history had come to an end and a new era was dawning.

The Old Gods of Germania

In Germania prior even to the Roman legions setting foot across the Rhine river was a culture that embraced the ancient, some say elder gods.

It was a time when the fair peoples in Europe would look to Odin, Thor and Wotan. These Gods with the lesser gods had their own story to tell.

Odin was ruler of man, he had sacricifed his own eye in return for infinite knowledge and it was dropped to the bottom of the well of wisdom in recognition of this.

Thor was the God of Lightning and many Germans of old prayed to him more than Odin, for Odin was a more aloof and distant God.

Wotan was considered the Anglo-Saxon/Germanic equivalent to Thor in many circles. In the south of Germany he was reckoned to be the leader of The Great Hunt, or carrier of the dead souls into the afterlife.
Anglo-Saxon kings would later claim to be descendants of Wotan.
The day of the week - Wednesday is often considered to of come from the God Wotan or 'Wotans Day'


Into this age came the young hero Siegried. A courageous and warrior who would go on to do mighty deeds and become a king in his own right. Fighting man, beast and even dragon his renown was so great that he was seen as a demi-god and whose powers were not his own. As with so many of the great ones in history treachery would be his downfall.

For Siegried had been granted other-worldly powers from bathing in a sacred pool as a young boy. Some say the pool was in fact dragons blood.
like Achilles before him though, there was flaw to his immortality for a leaf had stuck to his back and it withstood the effects of the pools water in that areas.
Concious of this and it being a most vulnerable place for a warrior anyway he unwisely confided in his trusted, but ambitious, battle-brother. This was not without reasoning though, for Siegfried had reckoned that having a bodyguard nearby to prevent a chance blade or arrow from finding his weak spot was a canny defence in itself. However when his brother had raised the subject and implored Siegfried to give him the knowledge it was to his own ends...

During a battle Siegried was slain by a blow that fell from behind, his own brother who used the secret knowledge for his own gain, such was the fall of the noble Siegfried...

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