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Dive Sites located off Alexandria

Aminotheese City: a whole city with its temples, houses, statues and enormous number of handmade craft. The Goddess Isis used to be worshiped in this city.

Heraliqueon City (The Sins City): This city witnessed the Pharos, Batalmeese, and Bezantic era. It was the Pilgrims City where people come to worship the Goddess Isis. Nobody knows why it is called the Sins City.

Cleopatra's city: This city dates back to 300 BC, and was build by Alexander the Great. It is a complete city with palaces, monuments and even shipwrecks.

Cleopatra Palace: is located inside the Western Port of Alexandria. You will enjoy seeing Cleopatra's royal districts, the statue of Mark Anthony and other monuments. Moreover another spot for diving is the debris of Cleopatra's sun boat and the wreckage of a 2nd World War plane that exists inside Cleopatra's palace.

Quaitabay Fort: There are 3 spots below Quaitbay Fort. The first one is the wreckage of a boat that used to carry goods to Alexandria during Cleopatra's era. The second is the remains of a Roman shipwreck that also used to carry goods to Alexandria. It is located about 650 meters away from Quaitbay Fort. The third spot is another wreckage of a ship that also used to carry goods during Cleopatra's era. It is located 450 meters from Quaitbay Fort.

It is said that the dive sites, are quiet and peaceful.

Please note that at certain times ancient divesites and wrecks may be off-limits due to archaelogical works carried out.


If you would like to help and get yourself named as a diver of distinction please let us know what knowlege you have on the dive sites of Egypt.


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