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The Akrotiri Fish Reserve
A very shallow dive that is suitable for all levels of experience, You can interact with local marine life and hand feed  groupers, moray eels, bream and bass. There are also many octopus.

Is very close to the shore, and there are a series of  apparently man made caves which resemble ancient tombs. It is a very scenic site with prolific marine life

Archways and pinnacles.
This is a large archway in 21 metres of water, with four pinnacles on every major compass point. There is again an abundance of marine and fish life to be found all over this area, and this is a good navigation site.

Caverns and Caves.
At 100 metres offshore in a depth of 14 metres you will find many interesting caves and a large reef with varied marine life.

Twin Rocks.
Two large rocks protrude out of the water from a depth of 21 metres. A blow hole can be found on the eastern rock and caves and an abundance of interesting marine life will be found in the vicinity.

Sharks Cove.
Despite the name sharks have not been sighted here yet. It is actually a spectacular cove on the Akrotiri Peninsula. A submerged tunnel starts and ends the dive, where in between you glide along the cliff face before circling back over a rocky reef bottom.

Big Country. 
A multi - level site with many caverns , overhangs and very large boulders, some more than 12 metres high. Grouper, moray, octopus and large shoals of damsel fish are found here. The maximum depth here is 23 metres.

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