Iyia Napa Diving

Mediterranean Heat


Green Bay
Located in the Protaras area, a very easy access shallow dive with maximum depth of 12 meters. Great for beginners.

Two interesting reefs stretching parallel to the shore with a maximum depth of 7 and 11 meters.

Konnos Point
One of the most popular and beautiful sites around the Cape Grekko area. Suitable for all divers, depth up to 40 meters.

Chapel Bay
A Pleasant dive from the base of this cliff. An easy access to this location makes it very popular. Depth from 9 up to 21 meters. Near the Fisherman's Chapel where a ceremony is held each year to bless the sea and ask for the safety of the local fishermen. There is a cave and the sea bed drops to approximately 30 metres.  A variety of marine life can be seen here, even turtles sometimes!

Crows Reef
The boat trip and the easy dive on this reef makes it an enjoyable day. Take a picnic. Depth up to 18 meters.

Amphora Bay
Ancient remains of amphora's and stone anchors. Max depth is 17 metres here.

Cape Point
Located opposite Cape Grekko table top rock landmark with depths from 12 to 30 meters.

An easy shallow dive with maximum depth of 12 meters consisting of holes, tunnels and overhanging rocks.

Sunfish Reef
Depth 28 to 40 meters. Only for experienced divers.

At the south side of Cape Grekko, an ideal wall dive with very good rock formation. Depth 18 meters.

Kastelatsos Reef
An interesting location on the south side of Cape Gkreko with good formation, depth from 16 to 30 meters.

Shallow Reef
Enjoyable boat dive from this friendly reef with nice rock formation. Depth from 13 to 18 meters. Accessible to all divers.

Telonis Reef
Depth from 28 to 34 meters, only for experienced divers.

Agia Thekla
Treasure hunters paradise, myth or reality? Probably the most beautiful reef in the area. Depth 19 meters.

Red cliff
It has been known that the Kalamari eggs are all around this place in season. Nice and easy dive with depth from 12 to 18 meters.



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