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Cyprus Diving

Cyprus is known for its divisive history between north and south, Greek and Turkish factions. This can be a hinderance when trying to cross the border. In the south of the Island you have Ia Napa and Limmasol for partying and diving. Several known dive sites are situated around the south east of Cyprus. Cathedral Rock being one.

Diving Lore has found that the dive sites are often quiet and peaceful...

An added bonus is that tides are almost non-existant and do not affect the dive sites like elsewhere in the world.


Cyprus is a BSAC and PADI area.


Weather Conditions Cyprus

Cyprus is a fairly large that benefits from a mediterranean climate. The coastal cities are cooled somewhat by the inland sea winds.

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Dive Scene

The trend for diving in Cuba is almost entirely resort based. Diving usually operates under either the BSAC system or the PADI one.

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Emergency Info

Hyperbaric Chambers are available in Cyprus, there are known chambers in the country.

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