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About Diving in Canada

We have some information on the Canadian diving scene. It is likely that a majority of the dive-able sites in Canada are located inshore. Ice Diving is likely to be popular here and most dives will be 'cold-water' ones. The up-shot of this is that the diving here is unlikely to be crowded. Diving with a difference it most certainly is! Arctic conditions in winter, near-tropical ones in Summer!

Weather Conditions

Canadian, being located in the farthest northern hemisphere gets brutal arctic weather in winter-time. However the summers here tend to be worthwhile and hot.

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Dive Scene

Resort based diving is unlikely. More likely is club-based activity used the surrounded area to dive from.

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Emergency Info

Hyperbaric Chambers are available in the event of an emergency. To date there are about ? chambers across Canada.
For further info on individual chambers and locations click here

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