Sea Temperature Australia


Sea temperature Australia

Sea Water Conditions

Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere and much of it is Tropical / Sub Tropical along the north and central coastline. From Sydney downwards the sea temperature tends to more temperate and in Melbourne the water temperature is very similar to the UK. Having said that any time can be a good time to dive in Australia with a more predicatable weather system than NW Europe. The diving is made easier in fact by the presence of the Great Barrier Reef which acts as a shield against turbulent weather coming in from the east and north-east.
Geographically as this country lies in the southern hemisphere the seasons are at opposites to the northern hemisphere. The Australian Summer (December to February) can get uncomfortably hot but it's great diving weather especially up on the Cairns region barrier reef. Up north, the summer wet season is very, very humid and the sea is swarming with box jellyfish. Winter (June to August) offers skiing in NSW, Victoria and sometimes Tasmania. In spring and autumn the weather is mild.

Be aware that the data that is displayed is a snapshot of a season and should be used as an indication of the average water temperature for the given season, not an exact prediction!

The stated season titles are all from a Northern Hemisphere perspective, for example if the page title is 'Australia Summer', the data it is relevant to northern hemishere summer periods not southern ones (which would be the opposite).

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