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What the Naming and Shaming section is set-up for is informing divers of the rogue diving companies to avoid / boycott. Not just rogue diving companies will be listed. Divers who have suffered the following : con-artistry, cheating, swindling, wrong-doing and / or injustice while on holiday are most welcome to report non diving organisations. Action that will be taken on the notification of an incident against divers.

So, if you've been wronged and want to name and shame contact Diving Lore via the nav menu. Subject title should read 'Name and Shame'. Include full details of company at fault (include email contact details of company). What happened, relevant photos, what you've done so far and what you'd like done. At the very least we will acknowledge receipt of the email and contact the company at fault to try and get their side of the story (which will be listed). If no reply is heard from the company at fault then Name and Shame Action (NSA) will continue. Should a prior named and shamed individual / company mend the error(s) of their ways then they will be moved to the 'Resolved' section of this section. As such they are no longer 'Named and Shamed.'

It is hoped that all dive companies and associated branches are acting accordingly and that the Name and Shame Section will remain as empty as possible...

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