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International Association of Nitrox and Trimix Divers

Established in 1985 as IAND before later becoming IANTD. The organisation offers training programs in all aspects of technical diving - Advanced Nitrox, Deep Air, Technical Diver, Cave and Wreck Penetration, Normoxic Trimix, Trimix, Rebreathers and even free-diving. It is fair to say that this company offers the largest number of technical courses on offer.

The IANTD Diver Hierarchy

Open Water Diver
Advanced Open Water
Open Water Nitrox Diver
Resort Nitrox Diver
Nitrox Diver
Deep Diver
Advanced Nitrox Diver
Divemaster Ratings
Cavern Diver
Wreck Diver
EANx Mixing Technician

Technical Ranks

Technical Diver
Introductory Cave Diver
Cave Diver
Technical Cave Diver
Trimix Mixing Technician
Rebreather Diver
Normoxic Trimix Diver
Trimix Diver

Technical Instructor Ranks

EANx Instructor 
Advanced Nitrox Instructor
Technical Instructor
Technical Development Instructor
Cavern Instructor
Wreck Instructor
Technical Wreck Instructor
Technical Cave Instructor
Rebreather Instructor
Gas Blender Instructor
Normoxic Trimix Instructor
Trimix Instructor

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