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The Divers Alert Network began life as an organisation in 1980, having been assisted by NOAA in getting the funding necessary. The fundimental goal then and now is diver emergency assistance.

Starting out as a concept; a phone call to the DAN network would initiate diving medical assistance to a stricken diver. With DAN now offering worldwide coverage for a yearly fee the medical assistance typically amounts to insurance coverage for covering transport and hyperbaric treatment in the event of a DCI incident.

For those working in the recreational diving industry it can be a wise choice when diving day in day out.

Contact numbers of the International DAN Alarm Centers

DAN America Duke University Medical Center, NC, USA +1 919 684 4326
DAN Latin America DAN Latin America Hotline (Spanish & Portuguese) +1 267 520 1507
TravelAssist (US) US (May be called collect)) 215 245 2461
DAN South-East Asia-Pacific DES Australia, Royal Adelaide Hospital +61 (8) 8212 9242
DAN South-East Asia-Pacific DES New Zealand  0800 4 DES 111 (0800 4 337 111)
DAN South-East Asia-Pacific Singapore Naval Medicine & Hyperbaric Ctr +65 750 55 46
DAN South-East Asia-Pacific DAN SEAP Philippines +02  815 99 11
DAN Europe DAN Europe 24 hour hotline +39 039 605 7858
DAN Japan Tokyo University Medical Center +81 3 381 249 99
DAN Southern Africa Southern Africa 24 hour hotline +27 11 254  1112

Divers Alert Network
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