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The initial training itself takes place over several weeks and covers the theoretical and practical aspects of commercial diving. Applicants with prior experience of scuba diving 'may' be able to use this to abate the cost and length of training. Though this is an advantage many Commercial Divers often view recreational divers wanting to 'cross over' with a baleful eye. There is a saying amongst the hard-hat divers that 'you can put a plumber to work under water but you can't take a dive instructor to work as a plumber'. It is this somewhat harsh view that represents the fact that most employers prefer to take on divers who have been tradesmen than former recreational dive professionals.

Training starts typically with a course in recreational scuba diving. Then you progress onto commercial scuba and finally surface supplied. Surface supplied is considered the bread and butter of commercial diving by many. It is considered safe, time proven and versatile. After this unless you are prior trained, courses in NDT, cutting and welding are given. After the training is complete the newly qualified diver is normally given a contact list of companies for work and cut loose to fend for himself.Commercial Diver Welding

Training for commercial divers through a dedicated training company is expensive, the price varies but in the UK it can reach in excess of £10,000! The whole concept of these training centers is a moot point among many in the commercial diving community. Many wish for an apprenticeship scheme to be introduced and the training costs to be subsidised by the diving companies. But the fact remains that there is an eager supply of applicants (tempted by often exaggerated earnings by the training organisations) willing to pay for training, which in-turn keeps the companies going.

The actual training tends to differ from country to country so it isn't fair for me to give one example of what the actual instructional methods and techniques are. We are also against the concept of paying such vast sums to commercial training organisations that cannot guarantee work at the end of it hence our slightly biased stance on the training section.

I would strongly suggest that anyone considering a career in commercial diving to think twice. Work is no longer as abundant as it once was and the industry is currently flooded with wannabe divers, many of which end up with only an expensive certificate on the wall to show for their efforts! That said no industry can last if it has no fresh blood to to fill the ranks.

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