Can You Scuba Dive With Glasses?

Last Updated: April 14, 2023

Imagine diving into the water with your friends and not being able to see anything. It would be like walking through a foggy forest without any lights. Not only can you not see what is in front of you, but also what’s below. You might think that glasses are a problem when it comes to scuba diving, but they’re actually no problem at all!

Read on to find out if you can you go scuba diving when wearing glasses.

The main thing people look at when deciding whether or not they want to try scuba diving is whether or not they need contact lenses or glasses underwater, because many people need to wear them for their daily activities on land. This doesn’t mean that you can never scuba dive though!

You just need an equipment specifically designed for people who use contacts or glasses underwater, such as a prescription dive mask or a mask with corrective inserts.

Type Of Equipment Needed For Scuba

Scuba diving starts with a wetsuit, a pair of fins or flippers, air cylinder, mask, and regulator. The regulator helps in maintaining the pressure of air and oxygen underwater.

For snorkeling, you just need a mask with an air tube attached that can allow you to breathe. Still, it is not a good idea to go snorkeling with glasses on either.

Can You Go Scuba Diving With Glasses?

scuba diving with glasses

This might dissapoint people who wear glasses. You are not allowed to go scuba diving with spectacles, as they don’t let the scuba mask create suction, resulting in the water going into your eyes.

When you wear regular glasses, they require the support of the nose and ears to sit upon. If glasses are worn, they will not let the scuba mask seal.


While it is not really possible to wear glasses with a dive mask, there are good alternatives available.

Customized Scuba Mask

This is a very costly mask that is made and customized especially for the divers with spectacles. You can choose the color, size, shape, and fit of your mask.

This can be chosen by the professional divers as they have to wear it frequently. The divers can also choose the power of the lenses and get a medically approved and prescribed scuba mask.

Stick-On Stickers

You can use the stick on corrective stickers. These stickers help correct the vision underwater. They are very simple to use. You just have to give the correct shape and magnification types, and your stickers are ready.

Just apply on the surface you want to magnify, and you can see what is underwater. When used, you just have to remove it. Isn’t that convenient?

Contact Lenses

If you are comfortable wearing contacts regularly, you might be comfortable wearing contact lenses while scuba diving as well. As the scuba mask creates a suction on the face, there is minimal risk of water going in your eyes. However, soft contact lenses have some advantages over hard ones when diving.

Some scuba experts do not recommend wearing contact lenses at all, as they might sometimes cause eye pain and blurry vision.

Magnified Underwater Vision

Some of the scuba divers say that there is a magnification of underwater objects; that means they have a similar vision as the people wearing glasses. This is an amazing opportunity for people with glasses, as this enables bespectacled people to actually see underwater with no problem. So you might even find that your glasses or contact lenses are not necessary when diving.

Final Note

You can not wear glasses underwater, as the mask would not seal onto your face properly. But you can now go scuba diving making use of the alternatives mentioned above. Now, this is a big sign of relief for the people with glasses. All the best for your next adventure!

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