Scuba Diving Refresher Tips – Skills and Diving Safety

Last Updated: November 10, 2022

Scuba diving can be so much fun! Regardless of whether you are an amateur or professional, it is a lovele water sport to indulge in. Especially in the last few years, scuba diving has become more popular amongst novices.

This activity requires a low to average amount of fitness. However, it is not something that cannot be learned. What’s important is to hold onto those learnings. Hence, skills refresher tips and a safety checklist are extremely important no matter what sort of a diver you are.

What Are Refresher Tips?

scuba diving refresher tips

Refresher tips simply mean ensuring that you are good to go! During scuba diving, these tips help to ensure that you are making all the right decisions and not forgetting things that could sometimes result in fatal consequences.

Experts suggest that you must refresher the basic skills and knowledge even if you are a frequent scuba diver. However, studying these becomes absolutely necessary when you haven’t practiced diving in a while – perhaps for more than six months. That is when you most need to revitalize and refresh your memory.

No matter what activity you are indulging in, there is some etiquette you must follow. This is not just for your safety and confidence, but for the benefit of the fellow divers around you too. There are some divers that take too much pride in themselves and never care to go back to a mental checklist, which is a must.

Remember that you are underwater, with the pressure of thousands of molecules crushing over you. During times like these, the only thing that will help us is to hold onto the tiny bits of knowledge that go a long way.

Why Do You Need Refresher Tips?

You are Rusty

Let’s face it. Our brains can only hold so much information. There are so many things about scuba diving that are important to remember that it is only natural to forget some of them. Especially when there are long gaps between your dives, it is important to get back to the basics.

You are Responsible

The best scuba divers are not just responsible for themselves but for the divers with them. Not only that, but they also understand the importance of caring about the water body. This means that they acknowledge that there are some things they might need a recap of and are not afraid to make a checklist, even for the tenth time.

You are Curious

Not everybody is born knowing refresher tips. Some people are new to the sport, and it is the job of those who are accustomed to it to uphold the name of scuba diving. By doing so, the amateurs and beginners too can understand everything in depth and refrain from making mistakes.

Tips Above Water

divers above water

Now that you have understood why you need refresher tips to read on to find out what exactly they are! Refresher tips are extremely easy to follow, and you can inculcate them into your diving strategy the way you like. Here are the things you should take care of above the water.

Be On-Time

Being on time is a skill and life lesson that most of us fail to understand the importance of. Being on time is very necessary, especially when it comes to scuba diving. This is because you are not alone. There are several scuba divers with you who are dependent on you and your schedule.

While there are a lot of other activities, scuba diving is a great one to know the value of teamwork and team effort. It teaches one that nothing can be done alone. Therefore, it is terrible if your fellow scuba divers have to wait before an exciting dive because of you. This goes on to kill the team spirit and further delay the timings.

Therefore, it is best to start early and make a checklist the night before the dive so that you know you haven’t missed out on anything.

Divemaster Knows Best

No matter how much knowledge you have about something, there is always going to be somebody who knows more than you. In the case of scuba diving, it is the divemaster. While you may think that you have got it all under control, there are some things that you might invariably tend to miss out on due to the pressure.

These are the things that your divemaster will take care of for you and prevent things from getting chaotic. Who knows, you might even learn a new thing or two! In case you are doubtful or unsure about something, you could always get it cleared from them too!

Prepare Your Gear

What is diving without having your gear ready? Is it essentially like driving a car without a motor? Scuba gear is absolutely necessary before embarking on anything; therefore, this is something you need to pay even closer attention to.

Make sure that the opening of your air valve and the tank is turned away from you. Secondly, always ensure that the air valve opening is towards the back of your head. To do this, all you need to do is connect your buoyancy control device to your tank.

While you may think that simply putting down the list of important scuba equipment is enough, that isn’t the case. You must also understand how to merge and put things together because, without that, your equipment is as good as worthless. With scuba diving, you cannot take the risk of your equipment or gear is incomplete because there is no saying how dangerous it could be.

If you are unsure about how to do any of it, remember to speak to your driving instructor about the same. Buddy checks make up the core of every dive. To make sure that you are prepared, most divers follow the acronym called B.W.R.A.F. This is not only extremely easy to remember but also very helpful before every dive.

This stands for Buoyancy, Weights, Releases, Air, and Final Checks. This is a process that each diver goes through before they start. Helping your buddies and letting them help you is great because it ensures that your equipment is in place. Once all of this is done, a divemaster, too, will ensure that all of the things you need are ok.

Organization Is The Key

There are some people that are spoken about in the entire boat, and that is because of their failure to be organized and whole. Don’t be that person. Do not be somebody who makes his team members and fellow divers suffer because of their lack of preparation. This is why a checklist is so helpful.

Make sure that your diving equipment is not all over the boat. Furthermore, ensure that you are taking just as much space as the rest of the divers so that the others in the group too have an ample amount of space. This will also help you find your things easily, and after the dive, it will get easier to pack the equipment too.

Always Be In The Moment

There are people who get so carried away in the excitement of the process of diving that they forget to live in the present. This can be catastrophic because any sport needs a person’s full concentration and participation so that things do not go out of control. Furthermore, even if things, unfortunately, do go out of control, they understand how to do damage control.

For this, make sure that you are not in your own bubble and are actively listening to what the divemaster is saying. If you consciously understand this refresher tip, it will ensure that you are updated about the activities and tasks.

Tips Below Water

refreshing diving skills

Now that you have understood how to be the best scuba diver above the water, it is time to focus on the refresher tips below the water.

Understand The Importance Of Co-Existence

When it comes to scuba diving, protecting marine life is an invaluable lesson that will help you in all walks of life. Remember that you are just a visitor in their homes and not the other way round. Make sure that your movements and bodies go around as smoothly as possible so that they are away from any harm.

By taking care of them, you are thoroughly enjoying their existence, reveling in the essence of it. Not only that but also be extremely careful of pointer sticks. The coral reefs and habitats are something that is formulated over several years, and your sticks can disrupt that in just a second. Therefore, make sure that you simply use them for pointing out beautiful things and nothing else.

Be Ready For Help

Nothing can be performed individually, and diving is no different. While you are internally making a checklist for yourself, remember to include helping your fellow divers in that list too. Remember that if you are in trouble and something goes wrong underwater, your team members and divemaster are going to be the ones to assist you.

In the same way, it is your responsibility to extend the same favor towards them too. You can do so by constantly checking up on them and ensuring that everything about their body language and equipment is in place. Furthermore, you can also take the utmost care to check if their dive lights are in place.

Taking care of these tiny things will essentially go a long way and prevent any unwanted incidents underwater that nobody wants.

Don’t Misuse Your Fins

There are some divers that tend to mindlessly kick the sand with their feet and indulge in other such risky behaviors that aren’t just dangerous but also sometimes fatal. Most divers do not understand the gravity of the situation when underwater and therefore put the entire team in danger.

When you kick the sand with your fins, you are essentially ruining the visibility for other divers and making it harder for them to carve a clear path. Doing so could make them lose their way and get confused underwater. This could even turn out negatively for the entire team in case one of them go missing. Therefore, know how to use your fins well.

Know Your Hand Signals

Let’s face it, all of us have seen one too many movies about divers forgetting to provide a hand sign and then chaos ensuing. Therefore, the first thing that you learn while diving is to remember and follow the hand signals.

Know what it means up, down, air gauge, etc. By doing so, you aren’t just ensuring that you are protected but are also keeping other divers out of harm. There is literally no other way to communicate underwater, so your diving signs are essentially the language that you must remember, like the alphabet.

Depending on hand signals ensures that everybody is following the same pace. Not only that, but it is a great way to complete activities on time and make the most of them in a systematic manner. Without hand signs, all of the divers might get different instructions and ideas about what is going on. Doing this is extremely dangerous as a team, so make sure you make a checklist of that too.

Final Thoughts

The final thing to remember is that scuba diving is going to be the most memorable and beautiful experience that you will ever have in your life. Therefore, make sure that you make the most of it and use it as holistically as possible.

However, nothing is possible without some rules and regulations. Rules don’t spoil the fun. Instead, they make sure that the moment is enjoyed by everybody. Therefore, what you need to keep in mind is to remember your refresher tips.

Also, know that you can always come back to these refresher tips, no matter how many years you have spent scuba diving. What are you waiting for? Put on your fins and get out there, and encourage your friends to do the same too!

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