What Do You Wear When Scuba Diving in Warm Water?

Last Updated: July 18, 2023

Heading to warm waters? But before taking the plunge you wonder, what should you wear to keep yourself warm? Do you have to wear a wetsuit? Or can you wear suits meant for cold conditions in warm water?

There may be many such questions flooding your mind right now if you are planning to scuba dive in warm water. But fret not; I have the answers to all your questions.

While scuba diving, temperature changes are a sign of changing your gear. You cannot wear the same cold-water suit in warm ocean. It can cause overheating and be very uncomfortable. Though the temperature of the water does not rise above certain levels, you should be well prepared.

What to Wear for Scuba Diving

what to wear scuba diving in warm water

To experience underwater life and its beauty while scuba diving, there is some essential equipment that you should have.


Fins for diving are essential to moving around in the water without expending much energy. You require them at all times while underwater.

Diving Mask

The underwater surroundings are not clearly visible to the human eye. To be able to see through the water well, dive masks are much needed. It acts as a barrier to separate water and the vision by filling the air in between.

Scuba Tank

A scuba tank is a necessity without which you cannot dive. It will allow you to breathe underwater. These cylinders are filled with air or Nitrox (a unique mix of gasses).


They are needed so that you do not touch anything harmful. Similarly, it will protect the sea life from getting harmed.

Gauges and Regulators

These tools keep track of how deep you are underwater and how much air is left in your tank. Gauges also recorded the maximum depth you explored during your dive.

Buoyancy Compensator

It is used to stabilize your body underwater so that you do not float or sink deep while diving.

Other Accessories

There are some other options and critical equipment that make your diving successful such as defoggers, first aid kits, cameras, and many more.

What Does a Diver Wear to Keep Warm?

When diving in regions that are close to the equator, you can use minimal protection. A diver to keep himself warm will wear the following:

Rash Guard

A rash guard is suitable for diving in warm waters. It protects from Sun’s UV rays and does not impart extra warmth.


If the water is overall quite warm, a diver may simply wear standard swimwear for scuba diving. Swimsuits, unlike wetsuits, provide flexibility.


As the day progresses, the water may turn colder. Wetsuits are perfect for such conditions. Not only it protects from UV rays, but a wetsuit keeps your body warm and protects against rocks.


You can pair leggings with a bikini top or a rash guard. It is perfect for warm diving conditions.

Do You Have to Wear a Wetsuit When Scuba Diving?

Wearing wetsuits isn’t necessary. Eventhough they are ideal for warm waters, you can wear a wetsuit in both warm and cold water by choosing the one with the right thickness.

You can choose the thickness according to the temperature of water you’ll be diving in. They are ideal for warm temperatures because you can select a particular wetsuit with the right amount of thickness to prevent you from getting too warm. They are great for protecting yourself underwater.

Summing Up

If you are contemplating visiting a tropical country to scuba dive in the warm ocean, choosing what to wear beforehand is better. In warm water, too, thermal protection is necessary since water becomes colder when you go to greater depth.

Thermal protection suits such as wetsuits are great for warm oceans. Additionally, they protect from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

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