How Many Calories Does Scuba Diving Burn? Diving For Weight Loss

Last Updated: November 10, 2022

You must have heard about the countless benefits that swimming brings. As scuba is just an extensive version of swimming, it proves to be even more beneficial.

One of the best benefits of practicing scuba as a healthy sport is that it is not at all boring or predictable. You get to experience different things every time you dive in. You learn new techniques, plus you learn so much about the underwater world. You explore a world that is beyond a normal person’s reach. Your fitness sessions would turn into a fantasy every time.

Does Scuba Diving Burn Fat?

The short answer is yes – it does burn fat and calories. You can definitely lose weight when scuba diving. But you must still burn more calories than what you consume.

Before you start with your exercise, it is essential to understand the kind of benefits it will bring to you. Compare those with your requirements and assess if this exercise is really good for you.

Some people may think that scuba is not a good exercise as it works with buoyancy. This will not exert any force on the body, and thus, no weight would be lost. However, when you dive into open water, the amount of pressure that is exerted on your body is unimaginable.

As a diver, you have to fight against all the pressure to dive even deeper. This encourages intensive muscle movement and works great in helping you lose weight.

how many calories does scuba diving burn

Why Am I so Hungry After Scuba Diving

Before you go diving, it is important to have a good diet that gives you enough energy to exhaust in water. When you jump into the water, depending on the water’s temperature, your body starts to react.

Especially in the case of cold water, a human body can burn around 900 calories after every dive. As a result, you start to feel hungry or weak. Moreover, sometimes after a dive, our mind starts to confuse us. When we desperately crave water, it makes us think we are hungry.

However, instead of being hungry, you are severely dehydrated. And once you drink up all the water you needed, your hunger goes away.

Scuba Diving Weight Loss

Scuba diving can burn from 400 to 1000 calories. The actual number though varies depending on the conditions like water temperature, currents, length of the dive and exercises carried out while underwater.

With each dive, your body loses on average around 600 calories. Even when performing normal exercises, you tend to burn fewer calories than this amount. Scuba diving makes weight loss very easy and effortless. It provides you so much fun and a unique experience.

Due to the constant exertion of the pressure on the diver’s body, the muscles start to get leaner but bigger. Scuba divers become more flexible, and the body fat reduces significantly.

If you want to manage your weight loss even more effectively, it is time for you to start choosing the water’s temperature wisely. The temperature you choose can decide how many calories you can burn.

For instance, hot water burns only 300 calories, while cold water can burn more than 900 calories. You can also go for water that has a normal temperature.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing stopping you from diving if you are overweight. It can even be beneficial as you will definitely burn some calories in the process. However, always consult your doctor first before taking the plunge.

If you want to lose weight and learn something new and interesting, scuba diving is the sport for you. Instead of lifting dumbbells and performing 100 squats every day, all you have to do is enjoy the world underwater.

Moreover, depending on the number of calories you want use up, you can choose your water temperature and await fantastic results.

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