How to Dispose of Old Scuba Tanks

Last Updated: January 27, 2022

Your old scuba tank doesn’t have to sit in the corner of your closet gathering dust and taking up space. If you are no longer using it or it is out of commission, you can sell it, take it to the dump, or repurpose it for art projects.

Read on to learn how to dispose of old scuba tanks, different ways to repurpose them, how much they may be worth, who to sell them to, and whether or not they expire.

How Do I Dispose of Old Scuba Tanks?

Some dive shops may have a system in place for disposal of old tanks so check with a local shop. Alternatively, you could take your old scuba tank to the dump or sell it for scrap metal. Be sure to remove any potentially reusable parts like the valve and render the tank itself inoperable for diving use.

The best way to do this is to drill a few small holes using a metal-drilling drill bit or scraping the threads on the top smooth so that it cannot be used for diving anymore.

Ways to Reuse Old Diving Tanks

There are many creative ways you can repurpose your old scuba cylinder. You can make a lampstand or use four of them (if you have that many) to create the legs for a unique coffee table or outdoor dining table. Cut the top off for a snazzy vase or very sheik champagne or wine cooler.

repurpose old diving tank

Do you enjoy traveling and camping? Transform your old diving tank into a portable grill and take it with you to enjoy burgers and hot dogs on the go.

Perhaps you want to wave your diving flag on land to display your passion for the sport. You can turn your old air tank into a nifty mailbox to show off for the whole neighborhood.

Are Old Scuba Tanks Worth Anything?

If you are wondering how much are old scuba tanks worth, well, they are worth their weight in the going price for scrap metal, not including the valve. For an aluminum scuba tank weighing approximately thirty pounds at the current price of $0.65 per pound of scrap aluminum, you could get about $20 for it.

The valve of your scuba tank could be worth substantially more if it is still in working order, considering brand new valves start at around $60.

Can You Sell Used Scuba Tanks?

As long as your scuba diving tank is still functioning you can sell it yourself online. If you would rather use a third party to ensure your tank is okay to resell and provide a bit of liability coverage, check with local dive shops to see if they will buy your used tank.

Even if your used tank isn’t in working order, dive shops or scrap metal yards may still buy the cylinder to scrap it for its metal components, considering it provides a substantial amount of aluminum.

Do Scuba Tanks Expire?

The longevity of a scuba tank is dependent on if it can pass a hydrostatic test which are typically performed every five years. On average, a diving tank will last for ten to fifteen years, sometimes even twenty if properly maintained. Technically, they are built to last almost indefinitely, however wear and tear and regular use may restrict the life of your scuba tank.

Final Thoughts

Whether you sell it for scrap metal or as a tank still in good use, your old scuba tank may be worth at least a bit of pocket change. Alternatively, you could tap into your creative side and make something daring and new from a treasured old piece of equipment.

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