Naked Scuba Diving – The 100th Dive Tradition

Last Updated: February 3, 2023

Everyone’s got a hobby, but some are more adventurous than others. If you’re into scuba diving, hitting your 100th dive is a big milestone, which means you need to celebrate accordingly. While many people will plan an underwater photo or even get a tattoo, that just isn’t exciting enough.

The diving community celebrates differently from other communities, and one such way is a naked scuba dive.

One of the fun traditions in the diving community is that on your 100th dive, you should strip down and dive naked, and we’re all up for it!

naked diving
Photo Credit: Edmonton Journal

If you’re interested in naked scuba diving, you’ll want to stick around for the rest of this article. I’ve covered the basics of diving naked and some tips you can follow to have a better experience.

Why Go Naked Diving?

It’s quite exciting to dive without any clothing on and feel the water gently caress your body. Contrary to popular belief, naked diving is actually pretty popular, and many people take pleasure in doing it frequently!

You’ll have a great time, and you won’t believe how lovely it is to swim around in the sea without being confined to a wetsuit. Moreover, it is one of those conversation starters you can use at social gatherings. Not many people have tried scuba diving, let alone naked! You’re bound to stand out.

Aside from the freedom you get, it can potentially help you become a better diver. When you’re underwater, you may risk bumping into stones, cliffs or coral that may harm your diving equipment. However, if you dive nude frequently, you’ll already be extra cautious of your surroundings, making you more aware when you’re diving while fully dressed.

Nude Scuba Diving Tips – How to Do it

As thrilling as it may seem, you’ll have to take a lot of precautions while diving nude. The oceans can be unpredictable, which is why safety should be your top priority.

nude scuba dive
Photo Credit: Joshua Cameron

Here are some steps you should take before diving commando:

Plan your Dive

Diving into the ocean wearing only your scuba gear may seem uncomfortable at first, but planning your dive can make you feel better. Pick the time and place beforehand since it may not be allowed in certain places.

Wear Safety Equipment

You cannot compromise your safety when on a nude scuba dive. Remember to always carry diving essentials like masks, regulators, knives, and fins.

Research the conditions

The ocean can be quite rough. One of the most important steps before taking the plunge is to research the water conditions beforehand. This will allow you to ensure that the diving temperature is safe, and you may be able to avoid rough seas.

Find a partner or a team

While this is usually recommended for regular diving too, it is also more crucial when diving naked. Having a partner or a team can help you stay safe from danger and save your life in case of an emergency. Remember, the ocean isn’t your friend, so never try to dive alone.

Best Places to Dive Naked

Diving naked can be an exhilarating experience and a way to become more connected with nature. However, you can’t just go and do it anywhere, and the legality depends on which location you pick.

I recommend that you look for places with warm water since diving does come with a risk of hypothermia. You could head over to tropical countries near the equator, but Mexico or the Caribbean is also great.

One of the best places where to dive naked though is Ko Tao, a small island in Thailand. Aside from its sandy beaches, the island is known for its beautiful coral reefs, which would look great in your underwater photo!

Take the Leap

Diving naked could seem like a wild way to celebrate your 100th dive, but there are a lot of reasons for you to do it. Not only is this activity adventurous, but it also helps you connect to nature in a way unlike any other.

If you’re planning to do it, don’t forget to go over my tips before you go. More people are trying naked scuba diving each year, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy your dive.

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