Can You Scuba Dive With a Beard or Mustache?

Last Updated: February 16, 2023

Yes, you can scuba dive with a beard or mustache, though facial hair can sometimes interfere with you having the best time.

There are a few things you can do to have a good scuba diving experience without getting rid of your beard.

In this article, I’ll look at tips for getting the best seal on your scuba diving mask. I’ll also mention which scuba diving masks are best for beards.

Do Beards Prevent Gas Mask Seal?

Scuba diving masks must fit snugly against your face in order to work properly and prevent water from getting into your mask.

The seal on the mask is made from silicone. The silicone can only seal tightly against smooth surfaces like your skin. Beards are obviously a rougher surface than the skin, so they can interfere with the tightness of the seal.

How Do You Seal a Dive Mask With a Beard?

Here are a few tricks for getting a better seal when you’re diving with a beard.

First, put your mask on, then add your hood. The skirt on the mask will be tucked underneath the hood, providing a better seal for your mask.

Chapstick, beard balm, or beeswax can help seal your mask. Something like this would work just fine. Put a small amount on the part of your beard or mustache that the mask will be pressing against.

Can Commercial Divers Have Beards?

Policies will vary with different companies, but generally commercial divers are allowed to dive with beards. 

Commercial divers have additional safety training so they are well versed in how to dive safely, beard or no beard. Maintaining a proper seal on the mask is important whether divers have facial hair or not.

Should You Shave Before Diving?

It’s up to you if you want to shave all of your facial hair, some of it, or none at all.

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Some people find that they only need to trim a small amount of their beard or mustache in order to get a good seal on their scuba mask. Having a properly fitted and sealed mask will ensure you have the best diving experience. If you have a longer beard, you most likely don’t want to cut it just to go diving, in which case you should look for a more low profile mask.

What’s The Best Scuba Diving Mask For Beards?

scuba diving mask for beards

I’ve put together a list of the top scuba diving masks for beards. There is something to suit every budget. Here’s a quick recap.

1. Oceanic Shadow Frameless Mask

The Oceanic Shadow Mask is lightweight and comes in different color options. It is made entirely of silicone so this scuba diving mask will provide you with a great seal. It is available online or at dive shops worldwide.

2. XS Scuba Cortez Mask

Specially designed for large faces (and beards), the XS Scuba Cortez Mask has a wide skirt. It has a large lens that offers an increased viewing area. It provides a decent amount of breathing room for your beard.

3. Scubapro Frameless Gorilla Mask

Known as the most comfortable scuba diving mask around, the Scubapro mask is a bit expensive. Made with two silicone skirts instead of one, it provides an incredible fit for all faces. It can be purchased online or at dealers throughout US and Canada.

4. Hollis M1 Mask

The Hollis M1 Mask offers an incredible field of vision and is one of the most comfortable scuba diving masks on the market.

5. Cressi Matrix Scuba Mask

Designed to provide the ultimate in comfort and visibility, the Cressi Matrix is made of hypoallergenic silicone. It conforms well to the face and provides a wide field of vision.

Final Thoughts

Don’t let having a mustache or beard stop you from scuba diving. Choosing a mask that fits you properly will allow you to enjoy scuba diving. Other tips such as wearing a wetsuit hood and applying chapstick or other soft moisturizers to your facial hair can help as well.

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