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Offshore Platforms - Production Crews

Production crews on board a rig generally make up the bulk of the core crew. That is say the oil workers who are working on a particular platform week in week out, going on shore leave before returning to the same platform. Some workers may of only seen a single platform in their whole career! The production crew on board an oil / gas platform are responsible for the day to day running of the plant and machinery. Most of the controls that see to the processing of the Hydro Carbons (proper name for oil / gas extracted) are dealt with from the abtly named Control Room. It is here that acts as a hub for many activities, not least radio communications with work parties and the mainland. Once the Hydrocarbons have been processed and some mild refinement of the extracted minerals may take place before they are sent back to the mainland via sub-sea pipeline.

The command structure for Production Crews Offshore is slightly different from the others.

OIM - Offshore Installation Manager, he / she is in overall charge of all activities on the platform. They may have to liase with a company rep for the oil operator. There also may be a deputy OIM. OIMs don't tend to be drawn from the technician pool. Some have many years of experience in responsible mangerial positions on the mainland. Others may of been the Skipper on board a cargo vessel.

Projects Manager - Senior manager on the platform who is responsible for seeing the OIMs orders carried out and overseeing the workforce.

Instrument Technicians - These workers could be considered the backbone of the platform. Although the main controls are housed in the Control Room, technicians are often required to roam the production areas to continually check readings, gauges and carry out other technical taskings.

Production Operators - These workers could be considered the backbone of the platform. Acting as both maintenance and technical oversight when needed they effectively operate the platform in processing the oil and gas.

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