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Offshore Platforms - CPP1, AP1 & DP1

Platform Size - 2 x Medium platforms and 1 small drilling platform (DP1).

Platform Location - Morecambe Bay, Irish Sea (Approx 15 miles North- West of Blackpool)

Condition - Weathered.

Hydrocarbon Output - Not known.

Offshore Welfare facilities -

The Good

The Internet (Two terminals) is a good connection and is about DSL speed.
If you are core crew there are a further five terminals (via secret password).
Outside on the platform work zones there are phones available for personal calls. A big screen TV is located in both the smoking lounge and the non-smoking lounge which also has four pool tables and two snooker tables.
The accommodation is 2 person bunks attached to an enclosed common area with TV / DVD player. They are small but cosy with phones (Internal), TV and VCR inside the bunk area itself.
The washing / shower areas are attached to the commons area.
A lift provides a respite from climbing the four levels of stairs (within the Module).
The Bond sells duty free goods.

The Bad

The galley (cafeteria) food tends to be plain and average with the staff unfriendly and stand-offish.
Up to three telephones are located inside the accommodation module for calls, please note these are not free and you are required to purchase phone cards from the Head Steward.
There are insufficient lockers during an influx of shutdown personnel.
A 'Gym' area exists but its up on the helideck level tucked around the corner of the loading bay, its pretty basic and rough, just getting up to the place is a work-out!

Work Area Welfare - Non-existant! Absolutely nothing. That the actual production / drill modules are on two completely separate platforms (AP1 and DP1) connected via three bridges only aggravates the matter! During work breaks and toilet breaks a lengthy transit across AP1 / DP1, up stairways and across a bridge must endured each and every time. The boot-locker areas are awful, no chairs, only benches backing onto lockers.
In previous times, the core crew have a tendency to be unfriendly to visiting contractors.
AP1 is rumoured to be haunted which given the already bad reputation seems to fit well into platforms atmosphere quite well.

Platform Emergency Drills - Evident and carried out weekly (usually on a sunday).

Overview - Located in Morcambe Bay of the Irish Sea these gas platforms are some of the oldest gas platforms in the area. This gas platform was first constructed in the late 1970s. Notable features include the recently erected offshore windfarm off to the east. In previous times, there used to be a large shield with cross of St George emblazoned upon it greets you upon exiting the helicopter. It was a welcoming sight no doubt for the many English who make up most of the work force! The new OIM is believed to have had a hand in having it removed from sight though.

The gas company 'Centrica' is the owner and operator of this platform. The primary contracting company that provides personnel for the oil platform is Costain Petrofac.

OPR Rating - 5.5 / 10. To submit your additional review of the platform click here.

Update! 27th December 2006.

A helicopter crashed within sight of the platform. Both pilots were killed along with 4 oil workers, there were no survivors! Diving Lore expresses deep sorrow and our thoughts are with the families and co-workers.

Gas Platform Morecambe

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