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Offshore Platform - Douglas Installation

Platform Size - Medium. (3 Separate Platforms)

Platform Location - Irish Sea 14 miles SW of Blackpool.

Condition - Good.

Hydrocarbon Output - Not known. Thought to be above average.

Maximum Persons On Board (POB) - 80.

Platform Operational - Mid-1990s.

Offshore Welfare facilities (Internal) -

The Good

Recreational room which is split between the gaming /brew area and the TV area. A small library is here (locked with key available) which is fairly well stocked.
Internet/computer room is fast, 4 internet machines.
Several guitars are lying around in the rec. room for any budding musicians to take up. Pool table and darts in the recreation room.
Decent equipped gym.
DVDs available.
The food is variable and somewhat varied.
The entire Accommodation module is HVAC of course, but not so you'd notice it.
There is plenty of locker space.
The cabins are adequate and not too cramped.

The Bad

There is an old boys mentality here. Freelance/Contract workers are not made very welcome.
There are no plans to alleviate or fix this either!
H2S is present and a danger. All personnel out and about on the platorm are required to carry H2S monitors and breathing gas on them at all times. This makes general work activities and movement a bit more tiring.
The Bond has all cigarettes at full price (Tax included)

Offshore Welfare (External) - Smoking area is located adjacent to the boot locker room. The walkways are regular and predictable for the newcomer.
Food is available during morning and afternoon breaks, including fruit and biscuits.
The senior management are an even-handed bunch.

Platform Emergency Drills - Evident and carried out weekly (usually on a Saturday or Sunday).

Overview - Located in the Irish Sea sector of the North Sea. These static platform is within sight of a few satellite platforms, Morcambe Bay and Blackpool Tower!

The energy company BHP is the owner and operator of this platform. Safety is taken seriously. The platform lies in the Orion Field of the North Sea. Safety features include the standard issue 'Davit' lifeboat system
The primary contracting company that provides personnel for the oil platform is Petrofac and PSN. This review is valid as at 8th August 2008.

OPR Rating - 6.0 / 10. To submit your additional review of the platform click here.

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