The Wolverine State

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Michigan is the 26th State in the USA and the 8th most populous.

The State of Michigan is known for it's Car Manufacturing, Farming and Fishing industry.

It's a a large-sized state with the state capital being Lansing. Other major cities include Detroit, famous for it's car industry and the film 'Robocop'. Other minor cities include Marquette and Bay City.
A minor city with a battle named after it is Battle Creek.
Michigan shares its borders with Canada to the north, Wisconsin to the west and Indiana / Ohio to the south.

It is a part of the USA that is home to no less than four of the Great Lakes of America! - Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron and Lake Erie.

Lake Superior is the largest lake for Michigan. Other lakes in the state include four of the five Great Lakes. The fifth being Lake Ontario further to the east.

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