The Thistlegorm

Red Sea Diving


Best Wreck in the Red Sea



The wreck of the Thistlegorm is often spoken of in diving lore circles as among the finest in the world. Sunk in the dark days of 1941 and laden with cargo, it was a tragic loss for the war effort, but a fine bounty as recreational divers soon discovered.

It lies in the 'goldilocks' depths of 20 - 35 meters deep or so. Not only is it a brilliant dive site for wreck penetration, but the off to the port side on the seabed is a locomotive. Something for the wreck diving train spotter no doubt!


The current comes in from the port side as well and a permanent shot line is attached off the stern of the wreck.

At the stern you will also notice the mangled wreckage from where the german bombs struck near-amidships.


Be wary of the live munitions on board the Thistlegorm. Several crates of WW2 era grenades, bombs and anti-tank mines are still on board and in a live state.

Getting to the wreck will take you a long time. Round-trips of 14-16 hours are not uncommon. A speedboat will take less time though.


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