Diving Organisations

The Prime Dive Organisations

Its a big world out there and with diving now being something for the masses to enjoy its fair to say assume that big diving organisations move with it. It's actually been the case for a number of years (most agree from the 1970s) only now has it become more mainstream and service industry orientated.

But its not just about satisfying a demand and success. Some of the diving industries most leading names are continuingly pioneering new approaches and ideas for scuba diving. PADI and BSAC are to name but a few in this area.

Its important also not to forget the smaller, but no less important dive organisations formed to cater for divers who wish for the more specialised approach. Other organisations actually compliment the diving community, these can include dedicated companies who practice and provide dive medicine services and even underwater research on the marine environment all play a part in benefitting the diver.

The links are in alphabetical order with some notes next to each.

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